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  1. It’s because teams are now so good at defending their try line. They are more likely to walk away with no points if they take the tap so choose to take the kick.
  2. NRL scouts for each team monitor talent from both codes in NZ then sign them into their development squads at a young age. They especially spend a lot of time monitoring the high school union programs over there. Not too sure if super league clubs do the same thing.
  3. You probably mean Jake T, Tom is a fullback
  4. It would be great if more people could chip in who haven’t so far. Additional funds could Possibly go towards balls, mouth guards, cones etc for Romeo and the team.
  5. Paid. Great idea hopefully the funds go along way
  6. They are playing. Look at their Facebook page - Sharks Montipellier Rugby League. Looks like they won their first game on the weekend
  7. I’d play a 3 game Test series between the 2 countries: Game 1: Honalulu Game 2: LA Game 3: Salt Lake City all 3 areas have a large Polynesian population and would assist in the development of the new west coast rugby league comps.
  8. They have gone backwards since the USARL took over. Although, from what I’ve read, David Nui wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea he was actively expanding rugby league year on year. There were clubs popping up everywhere when he was in charge and seemed to have a lot of ambition in terms of growing the game. The current board don’t seem as proactive. In terms of participating clubs there were probably more 10 years ago then what there is now.
  9. People here are laughing at the fact that Austin, Coote and Hastings are in the team. They were all playing reserve grade a year ago. If that’s the best GB have got no one will be paying to go watch them
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