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  1. they will put together a solid young squad if they have all players available. Really building to the 2025 World Cup in France. This squad would be pretty competitive this year if all players can get some regular super league time. 1. MOURGUE Arthur 2. ROMANO Arthur 3. JUSSAUME Mathieu 4. LAGUERRE Matthieu 5. YAHA Fouad 6. GIGOT Tony 7. FAGES Théo 8. BOUSQUET Julian 9. DA COSTA Alrix 10. DEZARIA Jordan 11. JULLIEN Benjamin 12. STEFANI Maxime 13. GARCIA Benjamin 14. PELISSIER Eloi 15. GOUDEMAND Mickaël 16. NAVARRETE Romain 17. SANGARÉ Justin
  2. Gigot Bergal Laguerre Romano Yaha Mourgue Fages Casty De Costa Bousquet Jullien Goudemand Garcia marion Belmas Navarette Seguier
  3. It will bring the love back. Trust me. Every league man needs to do their bit to build the sport
  4. Something like this would be there strongest possible line up. The squad has a lot of wingers and is a bit light on front rowers. Will be relying on their league 1 forwards I think Ashton Golding (Huddersfield) Ben Jones-Bishop (York City Knights) Jordan Turner (Castleford Tigers) Jacob Ogden (London Broncos) Dom Young (Newcastle Knights) James Woodburn-Hall (Halifax) Izaac Farrell (Sheffield Eagles) Jon Magrin (Dewsbury Rams) Lloyd White (Toulouse Olympique) Jordan Andrade (Hunslet Hawks) Joel Farrell (Sheffield Eagles) Luis Johnson (Hull Kingston Rovers) Michael Lawrence (Huddersfield Giants) Ross Peltier (Doncaster) Keenen Tomlinson (Dewsbury Rams) Lamont Bryan (London Skolars) Omari Caro (London Skolars) Greg Johnson (Batley Bulldogs)
  5. Props: Julian Bousquet Remy Casey Lambert Belmas Paul Seguier Romain Navarrette Maxime Puech Justine Sangare Levy Nzoungou Gadwin Springer Back row: Benjamin Jillian Mickael Goudamand Jason Baiteri Benjamin Garcia Half: Arthur Morgue Theo Fages Stan Robin Louis Jouffret Centre: Arthur Romano Matthieu Laguerre Matthieu Jussaume Bastien Ader Hakim Miloudi Wing: Gavin Marguerite Fouad Yaha Paul Marcon Ilias Bergal Fullback: Mark Kheirallah Tony Gigot Morgan Escare Hooker: Alrix De Costa Anthony Marion Eloi Pelissier
  6. USA newlin: On average how many new players do you have each year? is your team made up of mostly Americans? If any what country do other players come from? do you have good player retention? Once union players try league do they generally stick around? Its a long way to Florida, is there enough interest in surrounding towns to create new teams and start a new conference?
  7. We did a good fundraiser on here for a Jamaican team. It too long ago. Next we should do one for Monte, raise money to buy A few rugby league balls then send them over to him.
  8. They have got a lot more NRL/ super league experience since the last World Cup and a stack of world class talent. Potential team: 1. Kevin Naiqama 2. Maikele Ravalawa 3. Waqa Blake 4. Brayden Williame 5. Maika Sivo 6. Apasai Korisaou 7. Brandon Wakeham 8. Tui Kamikamica 9. Joe Lovadua 10. Daniel Saifiti 11. Viliami Kikau 12. Tariq Simms 13. Korbin Simms 14. Siti Moceeidreke 15. Jocob Saifiti 16. Kane Evans 17. King Vuniyawa 18. Taane Milne 19. Regan Campbell Gillard 20. Marcelo Montoya 21. Isaac Lumelume um sure that there are a few more I’ve missed here as well
  9. No way they will get that team to commit. Several of those players have already said they aren’t committed to playing for Samoa
  10. It would be great if more people could chip in who haven’t so far. Additional funds could Possibly go towards balls, mouth guards, cones etc for Romeo and the team.
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