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  1. I think I've upset a Swinton fan because I'm concerned about lack of depth in our 10 man squad haha. Harold.
  2. Your a very bitter man. Those that usually shout the loudest usually have something to hide. Harold.
  3. Funny you won't answer my questions. Seems you've been found out. Shame that. Harold.
  4. Okay so I have gone away had a lovely cup of tea made for me by my loving wife and I have calmed down a little but now. I have done a google search and it seems that you cannot find my exact address from my IP address without some serious reason for doing so and I would suggest my posts are cautious not offensive or illegal. So Mr R Lion I put this question back to you, why does it offend you so much that I am cautious about the intent of the new board, as I have stated your a Swinton fan who liked the old board but your still a Swinton fan. So if youve got the guts answer these questions. 1) Why do I bother you so much? 2) Why done me being cautious offend you so much? 3) Are you doing this to blindside other Hornets fans so the new board can ring wholesale changes to out club like name changes etc using you as there poster boy? Over to you Mr R Lion my irrational friend. Harold
  5. Look idiot I do not know who you think you are. You come on here after causing trouble on your own site to have a pop at me. I have not been overly critical but I have been cautious. For some reason you want Swinton to fail. Now for someone that says they supports that club, that is a strange thing to want. I am unaware of what you mean when you say IP address but I assure you that if you're getting your friends to look up my address I will be informing the police of this as the last thing I need is to having bullies such as yourself turning up at my door. I may be old but trust me you do not wish to cross me. Idiot. See you next season Harold.
  6. He didn't do that much last season. Didn't look too fit to me. Harold
  7. Looks like we may need the new board to pull on a shirt at this rate! Harold
  8. Good evening fellow Hornets, Sorry for not being on for a few days, Mary hasn't been so well and I've been running the house. Things haven't gone too well as I've managed to stick a pancake to the kitchen ceiling. Anyway I am getting off the point again. For me it seems we are not really taking this league seriously this year. I think we need to bring some old heads in to guide us round the field. All this huffing and puffing is starting to wear thin. We need quality and quickly! Harold.
  9. I wouldn't mind adding a couple of the lads from Swinton to our ranks. I think they would go great guns for us.
  10. Hang on one minute Gavinr I have not said it is a bad thing, what I have said that it should be a good thing if the powers that be are playing with a straight bat. All that I am saying is I am withholding judgement for a season or two. As for the comedy sketch insult, I am glad you find my life so funny. I am sure Mary will be pleased that you are laughing at our predicaments. Harold.
  11. Love the new kits, still worried about this being a vanity project though.
  12. Thank you for your response and your admission you got it wrong, it takes a real man to admit they have been a fool. I hope your cub survive past 2021 as I hope all of our local rivals do. One thing I would say is this. If you as you say you do want the best for your club then please back the club your support. Rugby League is on its backside and you and countless others need to stand up and be counted. Pull together with all the fans and leave your egos at the door. Hornets have almost been destroyed by egos in the past. I hope the new board are somewhat ego free. I would not want to see anyone's club go out of existence becasue of it. Harold
  13. Thankfully my posterior is in fine fettle. It is the rest of me that is falling apart! In face my good wife has asked me if I could be a little less regular as it interferes with Richard Osmans House of Games.
  14. This is a really nice shirt. Well done to whomever designed it, a good nod to the past. I will be asking Mary to get me this for Christmas.
  15. Good Morning all you Hornets and Stalker Lions, Over this weekend I have taken a backward step from this forum at the request of Mary. During this time I have spoken to a few people about what I have posted and my feelings over the past few weeks. Zac my grandson has suggested I write a blog he tells me this is like an online diary that people can follow. I am looking at charting our progress under the new rich board as well as letting you know all about what is going on in my own life from time to time. If you would be interested please let me know. Harold
  16. I class you as a fool because of you input to the post on the Swinton forum. You made mention of fallen soldiers. They way you described them showed a massive lack of understanding and empathy within your character. For this I am not even sorry! Harold
  17. Their is no need to be rude. Sometimes it is good to talk as at our age it isn't always easy to get out. If my open nature offends you then I'm genuinely sorry. Harold
  18. It is plain to see that in hoovering up all the amateur talent from the local area and giving the finger to the local clubs is not sustainable. We need to plan better. What sort of business model cuts the throat of its talent pool. We need a strong local game. Perhaps is it time for the board to start putting there money where there mouth is and bringing in some old heads from across this league. We need to let the local clubs thrive then perhaps take one or two players as decimating the local game will be devastating for all levels of rugby. Someone needs to have a chat with the powers that be about sustainability. Harold
  19. This has been a very interesting thread, it seems there are a few Swinton fans I would class as fools, that Gas Man bloke and this Lion who thinks he is Rampant. Its a shame they have taken over our page and that I was drawn into it. I had a telling off this morning at 5am when making myself dippy egg and some soldiers. Mary came fuming into the kitchen of our bungalow going mad as I have woken her up early again and been talking none stop about a future nobody can predict. I mean a few people know what the future holds but so far it has been positive. I know it was the same at Swinton before it all went wrong. I do have issues with folk who cannot present or see a balanced argument but that comes from many years in the forces twinned with my love of Big Brother India. I think for now I will go back to trying to calm down as my nurse told me my blood pressure was up again. I am looking forward to the new season one way or another and I am sure you will be hearing lots from me over the season as those of you who know me will know i cannot keep my gob shut. Oh and for those that are interested Mary won the meat raffle at bingo the other night so it is steak for tea later. I cannot wait as she does an amazing perppecorn sauce and dauphinoise potatoes that I will demolish when I get back from the hospital. Harold.
  20. Well Mr R Lion if you come down to Hornets this year you will see me. I do not hide behind fake names unlike some people. I will be at as many games as my gout allows and if you ask about you will find me. Please do not insinuate that I do not hold the best interest of the club at heart. I have been honest about my family and my situation, unlike you I do not hide on the internet. I find your post very disappointing, now I can see why other Swinton fans do not like you! As Zac would say how do you like those apples! Harold
  21. Well I was saying to Mary this week I do not know why he has not bought the club he supports. When I met Mary she was a big woman it is what attracted her to me in the first place. But she had a friend that was a lot thinner called Susan. Susan loved money so I knew she was not the woman for me. Maybe Leigh is just a step to far for most people as Beauford at Leigh has a lot of money. Harold
  22. Well for a Swinton fan you do not give much love to your team. I would suggest you found another team to watch next season but please do not come watching us as I am not a fan of turncoats. Harold.
  23. There is an old Jewish proverb that my old headteacher Mr Llewelyn quoted that goes something like this. If someone calls you a horse you turn the other cheek, if they call you a horse again you ask them not to, if they call you a horse again you punch them on the nose, if they call you a horse again....well its time to buy yourself a saddle this has left me very wary of people. I thank you for your post Joe 90 but one thing concerns me. If your a Leigh fan why would you go watching other teams. I would never dream of going watching another side as I would be watching the team I support especially not local teams that I have a healthy hatred for. Next why would you support any single man unless you were in some for of personal relationship with them do not get me wrong Zac my grandson has on many occasions told me I am not very understanding of two men in a relationship but over the past few years I have come to understand that love takes many forms. I hold no grudges as I was a member of church where the organ player ran off with the curate. There wives were rather upset but I am proud to call then my friends. Me and Mary often have them over for a Sunday roast as they are a fan of Marys Lamb. I have totally lost what i was thinking now. But lets say this. I will be wary until I have seen a few seasons of this and no backdoor name changed are afoot. Excuse the pun hahah. Harold
  24. That is the scary thing I was talking to Mary last night before she went to bingo about this. It is the fear of the unknown. Nobody knows what they are planning. They promised Swinton fans the name wouldn't change then they tried to change it anyway. Someone mentioned something to do with the tax people and the name not changing with them but if you read the morning paper and its Manchester Hornets then nobody cares what the tax office has us down as. Anyway I think Mary got fed up of me as she left on the ring and ride before she said goodbye. This uncertainty is setting Marys IBS off and my gout is driving me to distraction. The fear of the unknown and the fact that rich folk with no connection to this town could be plotting to take away our name is causing me no end of problems. Harold
  25. That my boy will not happen. If he thought he had it rough with you men, wait till I bring my rage!
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