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  1. Can Fiji make it to their first World Cup Final after three successive semi-final defeats to Australia? They performed strongly this year winning all three tests, but I was hoping that Semi Radrada might return RL
  2. The US needs to be qualifying for World Cups in order to grow the game there. A successful national team is what inspires youngsters to take up a sport. If this means using mainly heritage players in the short-term then that's what should be done. I think that this is what they need to return to.
  3. Yes, the Tomahawks was a great name and things haven't been the same for the team since it changed. The 2013 World Cup jerseys were fantastic! What most concerned me from watching the WC qualifier against the Cook Islands was both the physical condition of the US players and the embarrassing shortage of spectators. It looked as though nobody really cares for the sport in the US anymore and they were merely just fulfilling the fixture and that's a real shame
  4. What on earth has happened to the US national team?! After a fantastic World Cup debut in 2013 where they reached the quarter-final vs Australia (a game I had a ticket for but didn't see due to getting stuck in traffic queueing for a Steam Fair!), they followed this up with a dismal showing in 2017 and now failure to qualify for the next tournament. On top of this, they lost the rights to host the 2025 competition and are now 18th in the World Rankings. Where has it all gone wrong?
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