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  1. Don't know how old this link is, somebody put up a link to a BBC article about having the museum in Bradford but that's nearly 4 years old. I agree with the fact Huddersfield isn't a Rugby town as much but the George Hotel is a historical landmark for our sport that needs to be used.
  2. Interesting move on Castleford, didn't think they were a fan of duel-registration.
  3. It won't be in Bradford. Huddersfield Council are trying to get a shift on at the minute with it because of the potential tourism that it might bring when John Smith Stadium holds a number of World Cup games.
  4. Bit of good news about the George Hotel in Huddersfield. Planning permission has been granted to turn the George Hotel into a hotel, museum, and restaurant at the end of last year. Huddersfield's latest Future High Street Fund Bid aiming at heritage buildings has brought Heritage England to the table. With this, a grant of around £1 million has been secured to help with restoring the buildings in the St George Square area which includes the George Hotel. Hopefully the RFL might step in and add bit of extra cash especially for the Museum before the World Cup next year.
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