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  1. Thanks Clarence Street, appreciate it nontheless, I knew it was a long shot!
  2. I didn’t know if anyone knew of any 2nd team records and then I’d do the hard work myself! Kiel Parkin is the fellas name
  3. That was my first thought too but they specifically said Knights
  4. This might seem an odd question but does anyone have any records of York Knights 2nd team players between 2005 and 2010? A friend of mine is attempting to track down a relatives movements in those years as part of a family history project and there are rumours that he played for York 2nd team a few times but nothing confirmed. But obviously it’s RL and so stats and records are notoriously hard to come by. A person said that this person had played for the York “C” Team. But I didn’t think we would ever really call it a “C” team as in “A”, “B” or “C” team in RL. We’d generally call it reserves or 2nd team. I know we used “A” team in the past but that referred more to reserves. Also would be unlikely to have 3 teams! Sounds more a Union designation to me? Any help is much appreciated!
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