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  1. I'd likely be resistant to it. But, with most players at this world cup coming from New South Wales, Queensland, Auckland, Lancashire, and Yorkshire, the tournament is already more of an interethnical than an international competition.
  2. Does the development have to be surly? Can't it be bright and cheerful instead? ...sorry, couldn't resist.
  3. If the English don't want to travel to Oceania, why would the Lebanese, Serbs, Greeks, and Italians want to travel to England from that very place? Unless, of course, you're suggesting England play against these nations' domestic players.
  4. Sydney and Auckland predictably dominate. I'm surprised there are more players born in Widnes than Hull, though. We don't even have a hospital in Widnes.
  5. Which country has provided the most players for the tournament? I imagine it's probably Australia, but New Zealand and England can't be far behind. With France, PNG, Fiji, and Wales being the only other countries providing players in double figures?
  6. I think the 24th was when the squads had to be officially submitted rather than announced. And I seem to remember seeing that Shaun Wane would be announcing the England squad on the 30th.
  7. If the palm of your hand is facing your own line it would be very hard to knock it on, but if it's facing the opposition line it would be very hard not to knock it on. One way the ball's coming off your hand backwards and the other way forwards.
  8. It depends on which side of the ball you hand is. If the back of your hand is facing the opposition line it wouldn't be a knock-on, but if the back of your hand is facing your own line it would be.
  9. If that happened, there'd only be three competitive nations (Aus, NZ, Eng), four that could make up the numbers (Fiji, Fra, PNG, Wal), and a bunch of no-hopers (everyone else). Well, you'd probably have to get rid of the parent rule as well to have quite that big of an effect.
  10. The English can call it football if they want. But I'm a Widnesian, and if I want to call football soccer, trousers pants, fans speccies, and egg n' chips chips n' egg I will do. *blows raspberry in general direction of the unenlightened*
  11. The difference is, an attacker isn't trying to make contact whilst a defender is. An attacker is just trying to run up the pitch. It's the defender who initiates contact. If you don't want Akauola's shoulder in your face, don't tackle Akauola's shoulder.
  12. His foot must've been pretty close to the floor at this point.
  13. Alan Plater also gave us the unlikely pleasure of seeing Alun Armstrong taking Elliott Gould to watch Bramley vs Hunslet in the 1994 BBC play Doggin' Around.
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