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  1. I think that Featherstone need a big clear out. Players taking big money for an average performance (Joey, Ford etc) To win so many games this season and fail in the playoffs AGAIN is criminal. BUT tbf with the players muted to have signed for SL 2024 you wouldn't have won many anyway. Your fans (the minority) wouldn't have dealt with loosing week on week without kicking off..so maybe best were you are !!
  2. I am going full Viva la France for this one. Hoping for a convincing Cats victory
  3. I fancied going to watch the Final as a neutral with my daughter. If its at Featherstone I will give it a miss..
  4. So was we.. ended up parking near Evans bikes and walking over. It's not even a proper carpark !!
  5. Hopefully a HKR win and then the standard post game Wellens meltdown to deflect from the bad job he is doing..
  6. Still not got over the semi then I guess !!
  7. Not exactly exciting or Superleague ready players. Chizz living on past glory at best.
  8. Just my opinion and having followed the Championship with Leigh for many years. Craig Lingard is a far superior coach than Danny Ward. Wrong choice me thinks !!
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