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  1. In addition to the petition, I have tried writing direct to the RFL to express my views and in particular get them to explain what constitutes attempting to get your foot on the ball. Having not received a reply I chased them today and got the response of “please refer back to the press release that we previously published. We hope that provides clarity.” ? For goodness sake...
  2. How do you define making an attempt though? Is it just to have lifted your foot off the floor but it got no where near the ball? Or you have to get your foot with in an inch of ball? It just makes it so vague and difficult to get consistent referring. Put it in another context would people be happy if a forward pass wasn’t called forward because the player attempted to throw it back? (Sounds like Stevo’s momentum rule). Or should a try be awarded still if the ball hasn’t been grounded? Say like when someone gets held up because at least they made an attempt to ground it. Any player taking a kick at goal is making attempt to put the ball between the posts but doesn’t mean they just get given them two points anyway if they miss!
  3. I would guess that the reason for having the foot touch the ball is that is a clear marker for when the defending team can move off their line.
  4. Ah apologies! No I am a serious league fan and I can’t stand Union. Without wishing to get into drafting up a CV of my previous rugby league involvement, I did use to play for a few years down at South London Storm at the same time RP London and Number16, who are regulars on here. They can both vouch for me!
  5. Would hope that wouldn’t be the case. I guess you would think the players would wise up pretty quickly and play the call correctly and not give away penalties or scrums, so turning over possession. They have done it in the NRL and it didn’t result in huge numbers of penalties based on what I saw at the time. Most players just got on with it and made sure they got their foot on the ball. Also if you think back to when the play of the ball laws were being properly enforced, how many times a match did you see penalties being given for incorrect play of the ball? I don’t remember it happening that often. I don’t really understand why things have been let to get into this position. Just my opinion but don’t see it has added to or improved the game.
  6. I mean the play of the ball in rugby league... I’ve renamed the title of the thread in case people are thinking this is a joke.
  7. Alright 99% of UK if you want to be precise. Every season I will watch about five minutes of a Super League game before I turn off or turn over to something. I do however watch a lot of the NRL matches on Sky given they did go back to generally playing the ball correctly. I really don’t understand why there is much distrust and negativity towards this? If you don’t agree with me and the play of the ball as is doesn’t bother you then fair enough that’s your prerogative. I don’t, I want to see change and so rather than sit and get angry about it I thought I would be proactive and try to do something that maybe will get things changed. If I don’t so be it. At least I tried.
  8. What are you suspicious about? I've never posted before because I'm not someone that likes to actively post on social media or discussion forums like this. However, this is something I feel really strongly about and have been thinking to do for a number of seasons. I have chosen to do it now because of the fact that the RFL publicised that they were going to do something and then haven't. Given the majority of the responses to this either on this forum or others have been disappointed I felt now would be a good time to do it and that I would have some support.
  9. Now the first round of fixtures has been played and it is clear the publicised "interpretations" that were supposed to clean up of the play-of-ball aren't really delivering what people expected, I've decided to be proactive on this hi and start up a petition that I hope you will join me in signing. My aim from this is simple: to demonstrate to the RFL that there is enough discontent among spectators and fans with the current refereeing of the play of the ball and push for the ball to be played with the foot at every play of the ball. No grey "as long as they made an attempt", players either put on a foot on the ball or they get penalised - whether that be by way of a penalty or a scrum as their current interpretation suggests. Thanks in advance if you choose to support me on this and sign my petition. http://chng.it/SkCtYBwH
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