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  1. 4 minutes ago, GUBRATS said:

    As I said , he's interesting , mad as a box of frogs 😁 , but definatley interesting , driven , optimistic and very confident , and not afraid to put his money where his mouth is 

    Doesn’t RL need a few more people like this, instead we ridicule and criticize then wonder why we struggle to attract investors. For what it’s worth I’m still hoping Leigh can scramble together enough wins to survive.

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  2. Leigh were on a hiding to nothing before a ball was kicked. The best they could hope for is that one of HKR, Salford or Wakefield had a devastating season with injuries so that they could scramble a few points more than one of those three. Possibly it might have been different had Toulouse got the nod, but COVID put paid to that and none of the rest of the prospective applicants would have done any better. Leigh had insufficient time to get a SL squad together and that’s the big issue, as has been stated before the promoted team is always up against it time wise when it comes to recruitment, plus if existing SL clubs are already targeting your best players (see Fev with Harrison) then it’s no surprise that this scenario happens. I don’t like franchising and a closed shop, but something needs to be done, perhaps the 1 year exemption from relegation is the answer.

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  3. 9 hours ago, The Blues Ox said:

    Why the Newcastle hate all of a sudden? They got put up a higher division when they wouldn't have even been the 3rd or 4th best team in League 1 this season. It was always going to be a big ask for them even to stay in this division this season. 

    Before the season started I said that 10th-11th would represent a phenomenal performance by Thunder, such was the step up. Having said that the really poor starts, which have seen the team chasing the game, is a concern, and one that probably has a lot to do with coaching. We seem to have coaches who are strong at developing kids but not up to the senior level, just hope I’m wrong on this.

  4. 2 minutes ago, damp squib said:

    I hope you’re right but I’m still predicting that Toulouse will stroll the league with several games to spare, a record breaking points difference and two league wins over Fev and then still lose to them in the playoff final.

    I have a similar feeling. I’m still assuming that the play off final will be against Fev, although as this season is going to be decided by injuries and squad depth who knows. I just get the feeling that Toulouse will come up against one of Fev, London or York and that in a one off pressure game they lose.

  5. 3 hours ago, Chris22 said:

    Think this thread has hit the nail on the head really. Radford's achievement on back to back cup successes was big and didn't get the credit he deserved. The reason for that is probably because of the heavy defeats - some performances for Hull in the Radford era were as bad as I have seen for a Super League side (relative to quality of a squad(.

    Castleford must be thinking that Radford might be the man who can bring them trophies as he did to Hull. But, under Powell, Cas never had the type of performances that Radford brought to Hull FC at times, and that is the riskier side of the appointment, whether he brings that inconsistency with him.

    The question has to be, why did he have this inconsistency? Was it something to do with his actual coaching, or was player power an issue? For such a big club, Hull has underachieved over the years, so it’s not all down to Radford. Maybe Cas is more his size of club, hopefully fewer player egos and fans not demanding a GF every season. 

  6. Highlights package would be the best way to go, do something like RL Raw, but sanitized so it can be shown at an hour available to a large audience. The problem with live games is your fixture choice is more restricted if you avoid potential blow out games and avoid those stadia that might not be so well geared up for live broadcasts, meaning that some teams might just not get seen. Highlights overcomes these, even blow outs don’t matter if the package is well put together.

    Of course finding someone to pay for such a package (as indeed would be the case for live games), is the real challenge, especially if you are trying to reach the largest possible audience.

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  7. On 24/04/2021 at 02:24, DC77 said:

    Franchises there up sticks and move if the owner decides he can milk more money for himself from customers elsewhere. 

    Not that many years ago Seattle nearly lost the Seahawks as the then owner, decided that he could get a better deal moving them down the cost to California. Had it not been an intervention from the late Paul Allen, the team would have been lost to the city, a city with a very passionate supporter base and where getting game tickets is almost impossible. It just shows the danger of having very rich individuals involved, on the one hand it’s great for investment in the club, providing your owner is actually a fan and not just in it for profit, tax breaks or pure ego, on the other remember rich people like to get their own way and when they get bored, or are advised that the money may be more tax efficiently spent elsewhere, they walk. By all means let’s get more rich people involved in the game, after all we need the money, but please be careful to do due diligence on their true motives, and always ensure there is a structure to ensure the team survives when they are no longer around.

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  8. 22 hours ago, RayCee said:

    Nothing escapes your notice 😉

    Actually it was the first place to guarantee freedom of worship and conscience. William Penn was the instigator.


    City of brotherly love, although my experience of Philly and its sports fans often suggests the opposite. It’s a tough, tough city.

  9. Like the general idea, plus it does give a structure to add additional teams at later dates. My issue is with the playoff system, as an NFL fan I don’t like the whole NFCvAFC Super Bowl, because as was pointed out earlier, conference finals have often featured the 2 best teams, and I have often wondered whether some of the Patriots success has been founded on the AFC being weaker during those periods of dominance, giving the Pats an easier passage to the Super Bowl, where they face a beaten up NFC team who are not as fresh due to a gruelling Conference final which would in fact been a more fitting Super Bowl (think Pats v Seahawks a few years ago, Seattle were pretty beaten up, having played an amazing NFC final a couple of weeks earlier against a Packers team which themselves were also deserving of a final berth). 

    I like the conference idea, but the playoffs should be structured to allow 2 teams from one conference to make the Grand Final, otherwise no possibility of Storm v Raiders, or Panthers v Eels, even if they were the best teams.

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  10. Like it, conferences are relatively easy for fans to understand, this way keeps the Sydney rivalries and also allows Brisbane rivalries too. It’s also a way of expansion without too much schedule distortion. Of course any new teams may not be up to speed at first, although that will depend on recruitment and coaching. It shows the benefit of having a league of strong clubs, shame SL is not in that position.

  11. 9 hours ago, Chris Taylor said:

    I still think we are seeing the effects of not playing last year, I don't think any team has been consistent in there performances so far this year. 

    I think we are still 2 weeks to a month before we start to see teams be a least a lot more consistent. 

    Very valid point, it probably also explains why no team has yet managed to play for a full 80 minutes. The pattern at the moment seems to be that the team that wins is usually the one that puts together a really good 45-50 minutes, it works at the moment as all teams are still figuring things out, but over the next month the better teams will start putting it together.

  12. 17 minutes ago, ShropshireBull said:

    Huge win for Thunder and the monkey is off their back. Had eagles winning this one but delighted to see Newcastle competing at this level. 

    Fev and Toulouse pencilled in playoffs, throw a blanket over the rest bar Widnes, Swinton and Oldham.

    The reality is that this league is full of teams who can really make things tough for their bigger brethren. Batley are the classic example, as are Haven, both teams where you will never get an easy win. Fev and Toulouse obviously have the class, but who finishes in the remaining play off places is anyone’s guess. I’m delighted Thunder got the first win today, but please don’t place us in any potential playoff candidates yet, I said a couple of weeks ago, 9th would be a great achievement by seasons end.

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  13. 4 hours ago, Wakefield Ram said:

    Think the Championship is going to be even more competitive this season. Fev and Toulouse look frontrunners but reckon the rest could all beat each other on a good day.

    Totally agree with this, the test will come later in the season when injuries start to pile up, some clubs will be better placed with depth, or have the finance to bring in reinforcements, others may end up doing it tough.

  14. It’s interesting watching highlights of the past couple of weeks of Championship games, and how the grounds actually look. I can’t see any way you could criticize either Batley or Dewsbury, both grounds are really well appointed and tidy for this level. I agree Spotland is a major upgrade on a homeless Oldham, Bradford and currently Sheffield, and as for Whitehaven it really is poor, definitely unchanged since I was last there over 15 years ago. It’s also better than Swinton, it’s just a little too big for the Hornets, but at least it’s not cavernous big like some clubs.

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