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  1. Hi Guys, This is the original 1908 Side with the correct configuration Jersey, to the best of my knowledge. Eastern Suburbs Rugby League Football Club aka Sydney Roosters
  2. Auto colour is ok for those that wish to have a colourful wash thrown over a Black and white photo, much like a colour prism held over the front to simply throw an illusion of colour into an image: It cannot determine, morning or afternoon sunlight, warmth or coolness of sun: it Is poor or awful at reflective colour on metals, or Golden glow from late afternoon sun, Has no ability to determine researched colour variation subtleties and often gives no colour at all when the images are too complex, rather simply giving a sepia style wash. Most times end results are Garish. The ti
  3. Bob, Sure I could, I'll need some details though: Year - approx. if not sure Who is it ( or they ) ? Where was it played ? What colour uniforms ? Which two teams are represented ? Autumn, Winter, Spring ? What is the significance of this photo ?
  4. Thank you all for your comments and input ? My sincere apologies to anyone I have offended with the colourized images I have put up: They were not meant to be offensive, merely a reflection of the sporting style colourizations I produce. I currently do not have any RL images and would like to invest some time into Bringing the past back to Life with some historical League photos. Please be aware, my strengths are not in the nuances of the Australian Rugby League, therefore assistance with some of the colours and minutiae of jerseys / uniforms and other parts of an image ( if
  5. I'd love to Bring a Rugby League 'moment' Iconic photo, Team shot; from the past, back to life for the readers and members of Total Rugby League. Would anyone like to suggest or offer up an old Black and White photo for me to 'Bring back to life' ?
  6. Hi Guys, I'm an Adelaide based artist and photo colouriser. Over the last 20 years I have developed a growing interest in League, well basically my wife is an ex Sydney Girl and we visit Sydney fairly regularly and I have some mates that live in Qld that are red hot League fans. I'd like to create a relationship with anyone that has a passionate understanding of the History of League in Australia, the Teams, Stars and have a great grasp on the iconic snapshot moments of the game. My goal is to begin a colourisation process of the game to bring its history into the present in a manner
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