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  1. IIRC what Ian Lenegan suggested was that promoted teams were given a year's grace from relegation but that promotion would happen each year. So if the promoted team finish bottom in year 1 then the team one place above them would go down. He suggested it during the restructure discussions that ended with the 3 8s system being brought in. It was a suggested way of overcoming the issue that promoted clubs face when recruiting only after the season is done with no players left on the market.
  2. Bateman came back to the UK due to his relationship with his young daughter who remained here. I can't see a complaining girlfriend trumping that. Would be surprised if this is anything other than agent tactics/ journalist needing to fill a column nonsense.
  3. The policy of allowing players to go to the NRL with the 'first refusal upon return' clause that we have seen with many in the last few years is irritating as it just smacks of a transparent attempt to appease fans as one (yet another) of the club's promising talents is departing. I think that policy may be seen by some fans as acting as an encouragement to players to try their hand at the NRL as the risk career wise should they not succeed over there is removed. Nobody can blame players that want to test themselves in the NRL but over the last few years we seem to have far more players leave for the NRL compared to the likes of Saints, Leeds and Wire. I'm not sure why that is but it does add to the general ennui as once a promising youngster emerges from the academy thoughts immediately turn to how long it will be before we lose them to Australia. It didn't used to be that way and combined with uninspiring performances (even when we were winning things under Shaun Wane) it isn't surprising that some fans have decided to spend their time and money elsewhere. I hope that the decision by George Williams to choose Wire rather than returning to Wigan will see the policy ended as the 'agreement' has been shown to be meaningless. You also make a valid point about the trend of these players returning as much less effective versions of the player who left for the NRL. This is another reason to end the safety net return 'agreement' when a player leaves for Australia.
  4. Also during that period Barrow were stripped of their Championship titles, deducted 29 points and consequently relegated as punishment due to them having exceeded the cap over 4 years. Their owner at that time was banned from involvement in RL for eight years. Even had P&R been in place that wouldn't have been the most shining example. https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/7228846/barrow-deducted-29-points https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/14341604
  5. It was when they decided to add two teams to the Championship to make it a 14 team league IIRC. Whatever the exact reason it was decided to do it out of the blue when the season had almost been completed. Of the two teams due to be relegated to League 1 one was given a reprieve, the promotion protocol in League 1 was changed to facilitate adding two extra teams to Championship including as dkw posted, one team (Workington) playing a team from Championship for the final place in the Championship. The Championship club (Swinton IIRC) won and kept their place.
  6. I posted earlier in this thread that my opinion on the proposed single season of 14 was to placate some teams at the lower end of SL and top end of Championship in order to garner their support and votes in favour of the proposal. It would have kept Leigh up and given them a shot in 2022 at bagging a spot in the top ten (if relegated they would be chasing top 6 just to make the second ten), it would have promoted an extra team from Championship this year guaranteeing two of the leading clubs a place in the 2x10s (as no team in the 14 team SL could miss out) rather than needing to scrap for a top 6 place in Championship. For those that didn't get one of the 2 promotion spots it would have seen the two strongest competitors removed as they would be in SL with no SL team replacing them making it easier for a top half Championship outfit to secure a top 6 place and a spot in the second ten than it would otherwise be. The single season of 14 was always an odd looking part of the proposal but it seems an unwillingness to share the pot with more clubs will prevent it from happening. Two tens is still attainable by relegating 3 and promoting 1 in 2022 (following 1 up, 1 down as planned this year).
  7. If the 14 team single season and the split of funding was the only issue (pathetic and ultra short-term thinking though it is) then if the governing bodies still want 2x10s then perhaps we could have 1 up, 1 down this year as planned and then in 2022 relegate 3 of the 12 in SL, promote 1 from Championship and have the three relegated clubs join those finishing 2nd to 8th in the Championship in the second 10. Funding can stay the same next year, we still get to 2x10 (+16) by 2023 and every club (bar those 10 in League 1) get the opportunity to earn their place within the set up.
  8. To be fair to Gubrats my 16 year old nephew is exactly like that. He started taking an interest in cricket after seeing a couple of T20 matches, he was enthralled by it and asked to see more. When it came to test cricket he quickly got bored, started looking at his phone and didn't bother watching after part of day 2. He kept bemoaning the players not smashing 6s and 4s every few balls and doesn't care so much for tactical leaves and the bowler tailoring the type of balls he delivers to draw an error from the batsman. He still loves T20 and will watch that, watches highlight videos on Youtube and will sometimes watch a bit of one day cricket but if T20 disappeared then so would his interest. He doesn't bother with the traditional format. He is only one example of a new fan sticking only to the format that drew him in but I doubt he is the only one.
  9. I haven't seen it said anywhere what the proposed funding levels would be other than stating that proposed SL2 funding was not as far below proposed SL1 funding as clubs had feared and that funding for the rest would be reduced. However if we are looking at a reality where SL2 clubs are getting many times (it could easily be 10 times the level of funding) what the 16 League 1 clubs get then P&R between SL2 and League 1 would be impossible as every club getting relegated would go bust instantly. They simply couldn't reconfigure their operations in such a short time frame. If this proposal goes through then I would expect the 2x10 divisions to become a closed shop with clubs only joining by application/invitation. If that is ultimately to be the case then I would expect some degree of selection of clubs to be brought into the process rather than trusting simply to which 20 clubs finish highest in 2022.
  10. Whilst they are examples where both father and son played RL the OP was looking for current or upcoming players whom have a father that also played the game rather than examples from the past.
  11. I know that the teams in League 1 would be playing for pride only as they would all stay in League 1 regardless if the 2x10 proposal passes but it would be ridiculous to have one club leapfrog 7 clubs by relegating 7 from the Championship and promoting 1 from League 1 simply to give them something to play for in 2022. Having said that it does occur to me that it sounds similar to what happened at the birth of SL in 1996. If the RFL want the League 1 clubs to have a season with some meaning to it then a more sensible approach (although it would be problematic) would be to combine Championship and League 1 for 2022 and have all 22 teams fight it out for the six qualifying places. The League 1 clubs would almost certainly not make the top 6 but they would have the opportunity to earn it.
  12. It happens in stages doesn't it? First a player you remember coming out of the academy retires, then you start to notice that more of the squad are younger than you, then suddenly the youngest coach is younger than you, then the children of the team you grew up watching start playing first team rugby. It's a bit like when a song you remember comes on the radio and then the DJ points out how old the song is.
  13. Lewis Tierney (Jason Robinson), Ben Crooks (Lee Crooks). Liam Marshall's dad Dave and Oliver Gildart's dad Ian both played for Wigan. I think Richard Russell who played for Wigan and a few other clubs has a son playing now (could that be Oliver Russell at Huddersfield?)
  14. There was mention a few weeks back in an article that suggested the CC Final will be moving back to May so this year's could be the only July final we will see. Even if the CC Final was an evening kick off in July, the 1895 Cup Final would be played during the afternoon heat, so if it stays in July one game or the other will be in the afternoon heat.
  15. Indeed. Switching to a full time operation following a season in the middle 8s appeared to set Sheffield back rather than push them forwards. A few of their players didn't want to be full time either (no doubt they had well paid and more reliable jobs outside of rugby) and the club seemed to struggle with the change in operation. At the same time Halifax chose to remain part time and put the extra money into building the whole club. Batley IIRC said a few years ago that they would decline a SL place if they won promotion (or words to that effect) as they are much more comfortable as a part time club in the Championship
  16. Absolutely not the All Stars (or any other similarly naff named composite team), England need to be playing other nations to build international rivalry brands and the other NH nations need to be playing games against each other and England. The only way in future a composite team should ever feature would be if it was part of a RL Ryder Cup type tournament with England v Rest of Europe but that would need to be set in place and promoted well in advance and would only be used in addition to multiple proper internationals each year for all of the NH RL nations.
  17. What is needed is for both to sign participation agreements (preferably with a huge bond attached) but also for a legally binding agreement that regardless of Australia or NZ participating that NRL registered players will be released to play in any and all internationals. We also need to put USA and Serbia on standby immediately to compete instead. If three months out from the rescheduled tournament ARLC and NZRL won't commit then USA and Serbia are in (same applies if those two pull the same stunt as this year). That way the tournament goes ahead with or without them. I could no longer give a monkey's whether Aus or NZ play. It is the other nations and their players that we need. Aus and NZ are like a rotten bit on the side of an apple.
  18. How does that plan progress from 7 conferences into a number of teams (presumably 16 or 8 teams) qualifying from that phase to facilitate a knockout phase leading up to a final? Is it the top two of each conference plus the two best third placed teams?; the top team in each plus the best runner up?; or do teams progress to a further group stage from which 2 or 4 teams emerge as in some of the past FIFA World Cups?
  19. There is also the issue that the CC Final was recently reported as moving back to being in May. How many people would be keen to sit through multiple games in late March or early April?
  20. The RFL tried to reduce the number of Academies recently, it resulted in a lot of complaints from those clubs losing their Academy licence. This was followed by an immediate backtracking of the decision.
  21. I imagine it is a case of the NZRL feeding stories to journalists that take and keep the narrative away from the RLWC and their withdrawal to prevent any chance of growing discontent amongst players and fan base. I apologise for my part in the thread drift.
  22. This is hopefully my last post along this tangent as we risk driving this thread off the subject at hand, the RLWC. What Newcastle have done and continue to do is success. They have been in existence for two decades and are still growing and progressing, as is the NERL community scene. A great problem we have is that too many people seem to think that expansion is creating SL clubs. Expansion is creating RL clubs and players whether that be at SL, Championship, League 1 or community level. Expansion also doesn't just cover the men's game, women's RL, wheelchair RL and PDRL and LDRL are all areas for growth. To take it back to the men's game by all means clubs can be formed and build up to reach whatever level they can but we shouldn't fixate that that level has to be SL. Nor should we be trying to crowbar them straight into SL hoping their presence will be some form of panacea. If clubs in Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, Newcastle, Coventry or wherever are going to be the giants of the game then they will be formed (as some of those have been) and will get there. We can't though keep sticking pins in maps and thinking a club in city X,Y or Z will see us better off than one in Warrington, Wigan or Castleford simply because more folk live in that city. The clubs at the top of RL have got there because they built up popularity and a place in the culture of their towns. They produce the players and supporters in sufficient numbers to enable success. If a club appears in a city then if the people that live there go along and like what they see then crowds can build, kids will want to play as well as watch and then community clubs can spring up which would further embed the sport in the local culture. The new pro/semi pro club will then rise to as high a level as it can and will hopefully exist long term. That level does not have to be SL with large crowds it would still be successful expansion. We need to stop thinking it is SL or nothing for new clubs or that big population equates to big crowds and RLs magic bullet.
  23. I think it would be wise to run a few 9s tournaments to assess popularity and demand and how committed to sending their front line players clubs are before we looked at replacing a successful event like Magic Weekend with 9s though.
  24. The most recent iteration of a 9s tournament we had attracted very poor crowds partly as the clubs didn't take it particularly seriously and used mostly academy players. The danger is that if we replaced the Magic Weekend which is successful with a 9s competition without first assessing proof of concept, level of club buy-in, popularity and demand among the fanbase then we risk repeating that and destroying Magic Weekend as an event.
  25. With Academy games whether or not they act as curtain raisers varies from club to club, some clubs like Wigan are unable to use the same stadium as the first team for Academy games, others choose to play at a different site for junior teams. Our Academy and women's RL teams play at Robin Park Arena which is next door to the DW but tend to be on a different day to the men's first team games. The Academy GF has to be played at the senior team's stadium so when we reach and play host to that it tends to be played as a curtain raiser but not at other times. SL and Academy fixture lists don't always sync up either so sometimes one team is at home with the other away in any given week.
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