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  1. I’ve roomed with the bloke who’s just been sine die and I’m as shocked as anyone when I heard who it was… for the people saying he deserves a prison sentence is bull in that case every punch every sly shot deserves a prison sentence! And being sine die means absolute Jack I played in a game where a player smacked a referee had a full investigation…. You name it that had it…. 6years later after pleading to the RFL that player played again! Do I agree with what Josh did? No I don’t but I can guarantee he’ll play again in 5years time if he pleads to the rfl!
  2. Bit late on this.... just coming out of a covid scare... but we can tackle each other for 80 minutes and they can’t put on a cheese butty your comment makes no sense you clown!!
  3. After finding out this week that we’re to play away tomorrow and not be offered food after the game I think is an absolute joke! Disgrace to the amateur game! Any amateur club who tries blaming covid for not feeding the opposition is a joke! Your telling me you can’t make 17sandwiches buy 17 bags of crisps and 17 bottles of water.... yet you’ll blame the set up as we’re your playing from, yet you’ll allow teams to come and play there I find it an absolute joke the RFL is as much to blame for this! wonder why rugby league is on its ######! Can tackle my mates in training midweek can tackle a stranger on a Saturday but god forbid having food and a shower after a game!
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