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  1. Many thanks for the reply Oxford - got those already though.
  2. Bump - still on the lookout for programmes from the 45-60 era and a handful from the 60s/70s and a fair few in the past decade.
  3. Yes still got it, apologies for the delayed response.
  4. Got a copy of the above for sale. In decent nick for its age. Very minor rip on spine. Would take a fiver plus postage or happy to swap for either 98/99 or 15/16 League Express Yearbooks. DM if any interest.
  5. Looking to acquire Salford programmes from the pre-war and 1945-60 era. Also have a wants list with a fair amount of programmes on from the last 20 years. Feel free to drop me a DM if you think you can help and I can email the wants list.
  6. Have sent you a PM re the Salford programmes. Would be interested in both the Salford ones.
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