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  1. I @frank if you could email us at hello@gomedia.co we can check your email address and account to see if there is any problems.
  2. Can you email hello@gomedia.co so we can check out the email address you are trying to use?
  3. Due to encryption I cannot see the password you tried previously or now, but I can see from the logs that they're exactly 1 character in size difference so maybe something was mistyped the first time around or saved incorrectly in the database. Either way would now be great if everyone having trouble previously could use the following link to reset their password and make a not of exactly what they type including any upper case characters (check some devices auto set first one as uppercase). https://bulldogs.mysportstickets.co.uk/login/forgot.php
  4. You need to click the top menu icon to get the previous screenshot
  5. See attached screenshot. If you don't have "Sign Out" that means you are not signed in so you will have a "Sign In" option instead which you can use to test that you can login.
  6. Would you try signing out and back in to make sure it works a second time? To sign out you can use this link: https://bulldogs.mysportstickets.co.uk/login/logout.php and then to sign back in use this link: https://bulldogs.mysportstickets.co.uk/login/
  7. @silverback did you get my email? copied below just incase it didn't reach you:
  8. Its not the purchasing that's the issue, some people are struggling logging on so if we get that sorted then purchasing should be fine once they release this weeks raffle.
  9. Yeah I have got those so working with those now, will get back to you once I've tested.
  10. Email address is your username, rather than another thing to remember we did away with usernames and whenever anyone mentions username it is you email address
  11. Just so you are all aware the password is case sensitive, this means whatever case you use when setting it, it needs to be the same when logging in. Its worth going here https://bulldogs.mysportstickets.co.uk/login/forgot.php and reseting your password and making a note of any capitals you choose to use.
  12. Don't worry the club pay a fixed fee for the software so no additional charges for fixing any problems ? I have a few responses now in the other thread so I will monitor that one.
  13. Morning all, sorry we don't work weekends so I will go through all the responses now and report back. It would be handy if I could get some testers who can't get it working to email me hello@gomedia.co as I can then respond when I have changed things to speed up fixing. A group of testers would be great, its hard to test if I have to wait for replies on here.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, I registered and posted but for some reason I didn't get any alerts to say the post had been replied to. I will now check daily rather than waiting to be alerted to responses.
  15. Ok, thank you all for the feedback. I will now check the logs and do some tests then post back on here when I have an update.
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