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  1. Is it important which club's physio is looking after him?
  2. I've seen a few pro tip sheets, but nome had anything like that comment and graphic. A favourite was "only runs straight - less steps than a bungalow" Also "run at the #unamed half back# if you can ever find where he's hiding"
  3. That the person you were crediting with bringing the youth through at Hull has now left. I didn't think it was a controversial comment.
  4. Pete Riding has left Hull FC by "mutual consent" along with other youth team cuts
  5. All three could be interesting. Saints v Leeds could be exiting if Leeds are on a good day Cas V Hull FC - Cas aren't great and eventually FC must put a performance in Huddersfield V Leigh - Giants seem on a downwards trajectory and Leigh seem on the up. Not sure I can watch the Giants seemingly deliberate lack off attack. What do you think the best game to watch will be?
  6. If Toby King could execute a two on one Wire would have two more tries. Draw the defender and then pass FFS
  7. Not sure of the thinking behind this at all. The scholorship teams only play around ten games a year so I can understand wanting to involve all the players. Could do that by having 3 "halves" or even 4 and split the squad.
  8. One of my fovourite players as a kid. Different age, but he was nails, and you never knew when he'd kick off. I bet not many teams wanted to run against him and Des Drummend in our right flank. Really nice guy off the pitch though
  9. No disrespect to any players who have played with any number on their back with distinction, but if you start to retire the numbers you can soon end up with 1 to 13 retired and then it goes on
  10. I don't think it should ever have been a thing. Why did Bradford retire ( or not as it turns out) no 21?
  11. Looks accidental that his knee lands on the ankle to me. Possibly a ban but not that length.
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