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  1. Anyone know if you can stream it abroad? We are in Holland at the moment.
  2. Jeez, rugby league fans - any silver lining we will find the cloud. Young (sic) player gets big contract at a premier club - brilliant!
  3. I think Les Boyd and Kurt Sorenson might have a different view. Even, the maddest player never started a brawl with Dessie Drummond though
  4. Wow, what an idiot he's been. I've not even heard that term for years. A ban of a couple of games, with education seems about right to me. A directed racial or homophobic slur should be 8.games at least. Just my opinion though
  5. That would certainly work to keep it secret until the end, as the wave function would only collapse and resolve once the result was observed by opening the enverlope
  6. Stones Bitter Championship sounds good. TGG would be best "Rugby, but interesting" would be satirical Premier Rugby League is the most likely, or maybe Rugby league Elite.
  7. You can play this a few ways. Offer to lend the players and make up an agreed score before the game. Or let them start with ten and lend players when the game is going away from them. Or lend players and see what happens. I'd go for the latter to be honest. Have a competitive game and enjoy it
  8. That'll shut up all those people who have been saying Belle Vue looks like a building site
  9. Oddly, I think the opposite. A close 'grind' of a game I think Saints win.
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