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  1. I completely get the point, but I don't think any of the winners would agree, (or many of their team mates would begrudge them). On balance I don't think you can celebrate players too much and, as in this thread it creates debate and interest
  2. Answers: 1. NO 2. Location: Fairyland 3. Cost: Five magic beans
  3. Ridiculous idea. Bransons supporters would complain about the extra travel to be above the Karman line. When the games lasts longer than the 6 or 8 minutes whilst they are up there it would cause uproar. Watching from earth we would have to take into account time dilation as well as momentum for forward passes. At the play the ball - "he's not only not played it with his foot, he's played it upwards!!!!" Finally (and I apologise in advance for this), the penalty count would be horrendous as all tackles would be high.
  4. I've got a new one. I'm at a holiday let, and the last people left their iplayer account signed in on the tv. I'm playing every RL thing I can so RL comes up as recommended gor them
  5. What did he actually do? The punishment is small, but must be bad enough to go to court.
  6. Cracking game and the best (by a small margin) side won. As it should be.
  7. Is that just for recreational drugs? It would be odd if they could Roid up over the off season. On the recreational drugs, I couldn't care less, the legal drugs of alcohol and tobacco are as bad, or worse than a bit of coke or weed, in my opinion.
  8. Slightly off topic, but I fully agree with this. Not like those low growing, boring grass fellas
  9. It definitely is, and any of the other Wire team we've had in the last ten years
  10. Would be great, Shenton, Atkins and Finn are my picks so far
  11. Personally, I've always seen him as an excellent player and enjoyed watching him play. I hope he stays involved in the games as he knows it inside and out
  12. Beumont is obviously very passionate and clearly thinks the players didn't support his fund raising effort, but to explode publicly in writing is just bizarre! What reaction, other than "let's get out of here" from the players does he expect? For the players, in the games I've seen, there's been no lack of effort, unfortunately, collectively and in some cases individualy, they just simply aren't as good as the opposition
  13. Just brilliant! I'd love to get to a position where it wasn't remarkable
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