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  1. Wow, a casually racist thread, just below a thread on racism in rugby league.
  2. I love kids football and help coach my son's team (under 11s) and am working on a. Under 7s team for my daughter. I follow professional football in terms of a soap opera, I read the daily BBC gossip and listen to the Monday night club on radio 5 live, but never watch a game, outside of the international tournament s
  3. Steve's 1 Hampson 2 Rogers 3 Renouf 4 Tyrer 5 Prescott 6 Ella 7 Nash 8 Roach 9 Walters 10 Molloy 11 Ward 12 Menzies 13 McNamara 14 McCurrie 15 Norton 16 Bannister 17 Wild Coach Price Referee Ganson
  4. Two loose forwards. Rob Purdham at London was great over nearly ten years. Not sure if he was under rated but Tony Grimaldi was quietly brilliant for Gateshead and the Hull in every game he played that I saw
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