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  1. The biggest Derby tag will always be transient as the fortunes of clubs ebb and flow. However I read that the Earl of Derby's family confirmed that the original concept of the local Derby was made by the late Earl of Derby and attributed to the Saints and Wigan matches. How often do we fail to maximise the marketing potential of our heritage ? A prime example being the Rugby League World Cup , pre dating the RU one. Our RFL president Clare Balding is descended from the Earls of Derby and perhaps if a plan was implemented could be willing to help enlighten the public as to the roots of the historic origins of the local Derby rivalries . Could those 2 great clubs maximise the potential of this heritage to elevate their Derbies into national events ?
  2. Alan Buckley (Swinton and Great Britain) , Broughton Park to Swinton, was a great left centre. In his prime blisteringly quick,skillful ,with a bone shaking defence. Was a guest on Reg Gasnier's This is your life on Australian tv. Alan's Swinton and Great Britain partner on the wing was John Stopford ( not dual code) was the only player to score a hat trick against Vollenhoven, and he did it twice.
  3. Swinton Lions partnerships with Kano Lions, Belfast Eagles and Longhorns. https://swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk/news/swinton-announce-partnership-with-kano-lions/ https://swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk/news/lions-belfast-announce-community-club-partnership/ https://swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk/community-news/lions-announce-community-partnership-with-longhorns/
  4. I was on jury service way back in the eighties at Preston Crown Court. I was called to serve on the first day and the charge for the case was announced as murder . The judge was Sir William Macpherson ( who was to later produce the Macpherson report following the killing of Stephen Lawrence )who may have seen my open mouthed reaction and said "I see a member of the jury is wearing a coat, it's rather hot in here please feel free to remove it" which I duly did. I always thought it was a kindly gesture to put the jury at ease, indeed I recall a court usher telling us what a gentleman he was. As far as electing the chairman , basically at first there was a deafening silence when one of the jury asked if there were any volunteers and eventually one member offered if no one else was prepared to . On my second case one of the jury had a rather superior bearing and angled for the job assuming everyone would follow him unfortunately the other jury members took a dislike to Captain Mainwaring and pushed an ill equipped and reluctant me into the role. I think I was the Jim Hacker choice of last resort. One thing which shocked us a bit with the murder case was at the end of the first day we had to walk out of the court through a posse of the defendants mates and relatives who theoretically could have followed us on our way home. Perhaps these matters have now been addressed as this was a long time ago.
  5. I wonder if Alan Coleman is planning to play Max Roberts at centre ?
  6. Yes I remember him tracking down Keiron Dixon when he was in the clear.
  7. The link below will show you a gallery of Swinton team photos. Scroll down to the team photo 1934/5 Jack Cheetham is on the second row 5th from right. http://www.swintonlionstales.co.uk/index.php/site/view_gallery/8
  8. Great post Colin, unfortunately your first 2 links don't work. Fingers crossed these may work: https://swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk/news/swinton-lions-and-manchester-rangers-announce-development-partnership/ https://swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-player-development-league-festival-2/ https://swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk/news/swinton-foundation-forms-manchester-lions/
  9. Great news but we would have to ensure that France wouldn't be embarrassed by a strong qualifying group and failed to qualify.
  10. The only winger to score a hat trick against Vollenhoven and he did it twice.
  11. Lowry lived at 117 Station Road Pendlebury for 40 years (1908 to 1948 ), less than 100 yards from Swinton's ground. However it says the painting was made in 1928 a year before Swinton's Station Road ground was opened. Swinton's previous ground was on Chorley Road. Two wooden stands from the Chorley Road ground were taken down and reassembled at the Station Road ground (information courtesy of Stephen Wild's excellent book "The Lions of Swinton https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/lowry-house-pendlebury-plaque-statute-16349056 Swinton won all 4 cups in 1927 and clearly Lowry would have witnessed hunched and disconsolate away supporters leaving the Chorley Road and Station Road grounds . This clearly inspired Lowry to paint his figures in the style he became famous for. A percentage of the proceeds of this auction and all future Lowry sales should therefore be donated into a fund to build a new stadium in Swinton for the Lions.!!!
  12. Rob, you've spotted an old story from 2 years ago which I posted on the Lions family page. Total RL ran a story that Channel 4 were interested in broadcasting the Championship and I just brought it to the attention of our group. The old posting has been dug up and I have pointed out on the family page that it is an old story. So I think the admin could close this thread.
  13. Fijian Rugby League team sing from the balconies of their Sydney quarantine hotel in dedication of thanks to the hotel staff. We must ensure the BBC feature the beautiful singing of the Polynesian teams in our World Cup this autumn. Who can forget the Tongan crowds singing during the last World Cup ? It was very moving. The link below is the BBC's live news link. The Fijians singing is at 9.23 this morning https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-56207602
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