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  1. Not sure if there is any activity now but the Sledgehammers / Vipers used to be a team
  2. There are up to seven separate bids already interested in taking over Toronto with three in active negotiation. Slow this down for a second for the naysayers. Even though the situation is clearly not great can you imagine your team having a line up of investors hoping to sow millions into your club. Unless you are in a major centre, the answer is no. This is an additional evidence for the NEED for clubs like Toronto that attract investment. Even when someone screws up in the most awful economic environment since the depression rich people are lining up to invest. If onl
  3. İ am not sure that entirely accurate, it maybe so in nation's where there has been little activity. Anadolu, for instance, is new as a team but it is merely the face of our broader strength and supported by multiple teams. Our inclusion, as a single team will raise the standard significantly as we draw not just from one team and it's success but help raise the standard in general. İf anything, İ think nation's with multiple teams should all consider new teams for independence rather than just a present team being entered (which will likely draw the best players to one team)
  4. No, they wont all be held there however (obviously) no draw has also been made. The suggested first 'season' of Euro XIII is knockout. If we hosted a game first and lost (for instance) that would be it.
  5. Hi, there is presently a Four team women's Rugby League competition in Turkey.
  6. We would return home. It is not truly professional so players will have to return for work.
  7. Anadolu Pars are Anatolian Leopards. Most would not know there are Leopards (though severely threatened) in this part of the world. Ps. We like the logo as well. We want to make it clear both to ourselves (Turkey) and others who we represent. The Leopard is a deep part of history here. The side 'leaves' are actually part of Wheat sheaves that reflect the heartland agricultural production. Our colours also connect to Turkic history not just in this nation but further into Central Asia.
  8. My name is Josh. ? I have never met Dean. Actually, I run Izmir Rugby League. instagram.com/izmirrugby Feel free to follow us as well. ?
  9. I agree that there are unanswered questions but something's are fairly protected by those actually taking the risk, including ourselves. I believe this can be another step in establishing Rugby League as the second football code in Turkey and trust me, where Turkey goes, so too will a number of Turkish nation's in time.
  10. Anadolu Pars ile tanışın! @euro_13s 'te 15 ülkeden farklı kulüplere karşı yarışıp Türkiye Rugby Ligini temsil edeceğiz! Introducing the Anadolu XIII Pars! We will be competing and representing Turkish Rugby League in the @euro_13s against clubs from 15 nation's! #anadoluxiii #nrl #rugbyleague #trtspor @trtspor @ragbireferansi @ragbiligdernegi
  11. The conspiracy theories on this thread are unreasonable. 1. The RLEF does not administer club competitions. The TRL and other bodies are FULLY committed to the RLEF and present competitions. Present clubs and competitions were not built on some incredible central mission and money but alot of hard work and passion by locals. There has been some good support but realistically very little (due to the RLEF's limited capacity not their lack of effort) compared to what is needed to push the game the next level. 2. This competition has the cooperation from nearly all governing bodies
  12. Hi Langpark, there has been new attention from the wider sporting community, some players that have only played Union have been in contact. Some are positioned as influential in Union clubs. This increases the chances of these whole clubs entering the TRL. It is early days but there are good signs. Worse case scenario is not the Euro13s not launching, worse case scenario is waiting on the sidelines as Rugby Union in our nation also tries to move forward with World Rugby recognition, chances to play for 7's in the Olympics (though functionally slim). The people launching Anadolu hav
  13. Between the extremes of thinking the EUROXIII is the simple key to world domination and those who completely write it off are many many of us across emerging nation's that both understand the hard work, huge financial investment and still dream. The EUROXIII concept is a significant step with some present unknowns however you can only truly sell something when you have a product. There is already great work being done across the Balkans that we will continue to engage. Serbia no doubt leads the charge but we also believe Turkey one day can be the leader outside of the UK and France
  14. We are a new club representing all Turkish players and clubs at this point. This increases our chance at being 'owned' by all Turks. If we were to enter the top ranked team (Ankara for instance) players and supporters from other teams and cities would be reluctant to back it. Additionally, it would likely mean that the best players from other clubs may be attracted to that club in the normal TRL season as it would increase their chance at playing in the EURO 13's (in doing create imbalance for the competition) Hope that helps. Remember to follow us on social media ?
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