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  1. All over with win by Roosters 31-24. News from the commentary team of an emergency meeting by the Bulldogs board early next week to remove Trent Barrett as coach.
  2. Arm wrestle now and 70 min mark reached. Penalty to Roosters for high shot by Dylan Brown put over by Walker to give Roosters a 31-24 lead with 6 mins left.
  3. Parramatta under the sticks and now trail by 1 point with 20 mins left. Roosters in at the corner for unconverted try. Roosters 29- Eels 24. Tedesco season watch! Still to spot him at PTB touching it with his foot.
  4. Roosters increase to 25 - 6 after 55 mins. Parramatta turn up the gas with 2 quick converted tries to trail 25- 18 after 50 mins.
  5. Penultimate match has reached the interval. Roosters 21- Parramatta 6. Can the Eels come back to win this?
  6. Final Score..... Raiders 30- Cronulla 10. Raiders tried hard to help the Sharks back into the game with 3 in the bin in the second half but it did not work as Cronulla's attack was woeful.
  7. 6th match in the Magic round has commenced in sunshine(26 C) and high humidity. At half time the surprising score is Raiders 20 - Cronulla 0. Cronulla giving a perfect example of finding ways to lose the match.
  8. Also Harry Smith took a bad head knock very early in the game and was not his usual dynamic self. So effectively missing 75% of their usual spine! Penrith received a wake -up call against the Eels last week and Melbourne will benefit similarly from their loss. Next scheduled match between the pair is in Penrith for Round 22.
  9. I was at the SOS and also at Wembley for the drawn match which had 82,000 in attendance. I have been to Wembley with near 100,000 attendance but in comparison the Odsal crowd that day was ginormous!
  10. Will also go for a narrow HKR win. Noting that you are a Hunslet fan takes me back to the 40's and 50's when dad and me often watched them play in Hull. Dad started watching as a young kid in the year Billy Batten transferred to Hull FC from Hunslet and Billy was his favourite player becoming a super star and eventually an inaugural member of the RFL Hall of Fame. A couple of years after dad was born Hunslet beat Hull FC to win the 1907/08 Challenge Cup played at Huddersfield. Finally in the year before I left the UK,while working in London, I went to watch Hunslet lose to Wigan in the CC final at Wembley.
  11. Had a corporate seat to watch this last night. What a great game with Parra deserving their win in this much anticipated derby. The loss will do us a world of good as a few players are currently below the mark in form. I believe we will also lose to the Storm next week.
  12. On NRL 360 last night a clip was shown of an incident back in 1992 when Brad Fittler, playing for Penrith, was spear tackled headfirst into the ground during a match against Brisbane. Gould was then the Penrith coach. After the match the following comments were made on the tackle. Gould. The offence is the worst act of foul play imaginable. Fittler. Most of the players agree it is time for some of the dangerous tackles to be cleared up. The hypocrisy is there for all to see as Fittler agreed with Gould's comments on the video shown. On Gould I have made my opinion of him well known on this forum. Summed up by a comment to Greg Alexander that the best decision ever made by the board since I became a member back in 2000 was to sack him.
  13. Time for Ricky to saddle his horse and ride off into the sunset? Eons since he won a Premiership and he appears to have lost his enthusiasm big time.
  14. I have a quiet chuckle when I see a post like this as I am constantly harping on about PTB rule abuse. The only time I see games where the rule is followed almost 100% is in Womens NRL matches. In the NRL, where I watch every match, there are players that never make any attempt to touch the ball with the foot. Tedesco is in this cohort. The SL PTB is a total joke.One notable exception is Welsby who has an exemplary record in following the rule. Finally a comment on the Hull try by Shaul which in the NRL would not have been awarded as Ratchford was impacted and impeded by a decoy run from Ma'u? Enjoyed the game though and although Hull got the points I would not have complained if a draw had ensued.
  15. People who took the odds of 9-1 against the Tigers are having a great run for their money.
  16. It was my aunt in Hull who went to France in WW1 as a nurse. Met an injured Aussie soldier (whose dad had a bakery in Wollongong) and then after the war ended went to Aus. to marry him. A year or so later her recently married younger sister also left Hull for Wollongong as he was given a job in the bakery. My 2 aunts had 8 kids between them so when I arrived in Sydney in 1968 there was a host of relations on my mothers side. My dad's side of the family first came to Aus in the late 50's but that is another story!
  17. Last time I was there was with a family group of about 3 dozen watching Wigan v Hull! Family member first came to Wollongong from Hull in 1919.
  18. Warriors had some really tough 50-50 calls against them in the last quarter. Not much difference in the quality of the 2 teams. Tedesco continues his PTB technique where since the start of the season he has never attempted to play the ball with his foot.
  19. 4 converted tries either side of HT have blown this game apart. Souths 24 - Bulldogs 6. Leaving for the Panthers match now!
  20. An Aus/ NZ match has only ever been played once on Anzac Day( 1997). The annual Anzac Day game these days is Roosters v St George when they play for the Anzac Day Cup.
  21. Agree on Coates but a surprise for me at Storm is Josh King who looks an excellent buy and a different player after an inauspicious career at Newcastle Knights. Talking of the Knights where do you think Ponga will be next year? Will he be wooed by Bennett to the Dolphins?
  22. Will be at the Panthers game tonight. Expecting a tough game. Interesting to see how we handle Latrell. Weather will be cloudy and around 19C with a fair chance of rain during the match.
  23. About 10 mins from the end came off after he looked to have problems in the wrist area but 5 or so minutes later returned to finish the match.
  24. Fancy Parra to get the win here and make it 3 in a row in matches against the Storm.
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