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  1. Ted and Jay Chapelhow re-sign 8 now.
  2. Local product Alex Donaghy has resigned. That's 7.
  3. Yeah, it was e really good night. It started with an excellent turnout, the room was full. I think there was a bit of disappointment in the air when the signings were revealed, amongst the fans, who expected Walmsley, Tomkins, Morgan Knowles and Arthur Mourgue. But the lads spoke well, outlining their Championship and Super League experience and seemed genuinely excited by the prospect of Kingston Park's facilities, the vision and ambition of Eamon, Denis, and the club. They are moving up here to live, and have signed 2-year contracts. Brad Day seemed like an excellent bloke, keen to help us get into Super League, as did Thomas Minns, who also showed a fine sense of humour, who would be a great asset in the changing room. Craig Mullen is younger, but also dead keen to move up here and start playing for Newcastle Thunder. Eamon explained that full-time is all he has ever known, and our new full-time status will help him greatly in the amount and quality of training he can lead, and will enable the proper team bonding and spirit that isn't possible if lads have to make 300-mile round trips just twice a week to train. Young Jake was a bit shy, but the way the lads talked and joked obviously included him, and it was evident that these are fine young men, eager to help the club reach new heights. A constant theme was the Academy, which everybody, especially Eamon and Denis, valued very highly, as a reason for their being here. There was a presentation of the Squadbuilder scheme, which in the future will be aimed at helping the Academy, and people were invited to join the scheme. Denis Betts outlined his vision for the club, and was hugely impressive. Many of us were ready to go into battle with him as our leader. We were told that there are many more signings to be announced over the next few weeks, with only a couple of places not yet filled. The night was great, and everybody left feeling extremely positive, many having paid for their Season Tickets
  4. We now have 6 confirmed signings: Ukuma Ta'ai Alex Foster Brad Day Thomas Minns Jake Anderson Craig Mullen Great night last night
  5. Alex Foster from Cas is our first official signing
  6. And I'm going to Thunder v York tonight. Shame it's not on the telly too
  7. About 6 very, very loud people went
  8. This Sunday's Match has been postponed because of Covid cases in the Newcastle camp, meeting the RFL's criteria for postponement. No date has yet been set for the match to be played
  9. Would going down to ten teams make it more exciting and entertaining than that? Have Sky ever watched any of the soccer they show?
  10. Well, I got my reply tonight: "Thank you for contacting us with your scheduling concerns regarding BBC Two's 'The Super League Show' broadcast on 24 May. We create schedules which we hope will appeal to as many of our audience. The truth is we can’t please everyone all of the time. It’s part of the challenge we face when serving the whole nation. We hope that despite your concerns that you will continue to watch the programme. We do value your feedback about this. All complaints are sent to senior management and we’ve included your points in our overnight report. These reports are among the most widely read sources of feedback in the company and ensures that your concerns have been seen by the right people quickly. This helps inform their decisions about current and future content. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. Kind regards, Neil Salt BBC Complaints Team " I think that's ignorant and patronising. "the whole nation" indeed! Let alone the first sentence in the second line being nonsensical. Am I the only one to care?
  11. Hate to point it out, but Shakespeare wrote "Et tu Brute" cleverly using the vocative.
  12. What makes you say that? It flies in the face of the rules of French pronunciation, and isn'r what the French say.
  13. I have friends I have succeeded in getting interested in Rugby League who don't want Sky but enjoy seeing the game, more than just the tries, a bit more play, and less blether
  14. They said they should be ready to read my complaint by tomorrow morning......................
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