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  1. Alex Foster has been retained. 18
  2. Gateshead-born Jake Anderson signs again.
  3. Good to see local boy Alex Donaghy signed up again. (14 now)
  4. Nothing has been announced yet.
  5. And so is Mitch Clark. We've got 13!!!
  6. Fans' favourite Gideon Boafo has been retained. That's 10. Hooker??
  7. Mind, he does mangle some of the French names into totally unrecognizable shapes.
  8. Jake Shorrocks retained. That's 8
  9. Up to seven! And some great signings! I'm with you, Phil.
  10. Up to four, with Jake Lightowler and Alex Clegg
  11. So far we have two signings announced: Rhys Clarke Nikau Williams
  12. I really like both Sky and Channel 4. There. I've said it.
  13. Squadbuilder is definitely still a thing. We have a little bit of money that could be of use to the club, and our present focus is on the Academy. Anybody interested should get in contact with petergbowen@yahoo.co,uk and if possible spread the word far and wide. Certainly beyond the limited parameters my septuagenarian computer skills reach.
  14. Where does this leave us? I hope that fans will remain loyal, and get behind the club. on the field and off. WE'll see.
  15. I have such great memories of watching Phil in those wonderful Willie Horne days at Craven Park, and after.
  16. And we've just signed Oliver Roberts from Huddersfield
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