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  1. How much do we owe the success and the determination of Bernard Gausch and the Catalans for raising the profile of League in France and leading to developments like this and France holding the World Cup. To think that there could be any doubt about the externalities of having French teams in Europe`s premier Rugby League competition.
  2. There`s no questioning what he meant in the following statement : "I guess probably my last World Cup wasn't the best." he said. "I sort of treated it as a little vacation and probably drank a bit too often, and ate more than I should have," he said. I`d be very wary relying on blokes like Papalii, patently past his best I find it very hard to imagine that he`s going to treat this WC any different than the last, especially potentially surrounded by others past their best, the inclusion of blokes like him could do more harm than good for the Samoan team and be a bad influence on the young blokes who might actually want to win.
  3. Headline in today`s Oz: NRL 2022: Broncos star Herbie Farnworth makes miraculous recovery and set for finals. The Broncos’ teetering premiership assault has received a huge boost with strike centre Herbie Farnworth making a stunning recovery from a serious bicep tear to be ready for the NRL finals.
  4. One, it would be far better having it on a FTA network and them be promoting the hell out of it, and two, we`re a long way from " most Australian sports fans " having Kayo. I don`t and I bet a lot of regional viewers who can`t get good enough internet, don`t either. But I`ll cop all that if the organisers got a good amount for it and even better if Foxtel on-sell some games to FTA.
  5. It really all comes down to follow up wins Bedford, without that not a lot would change. This isn`t helped by the Warriors being perennial underachievers so an on-going champion national team could serve the same purpose for League in NZ. I think it is pretty obvious the Kiwis are crying out for a competitive Rugby League team against Oz, they`ve got us covered in the union and League with its` high profile would become a source of great national pride. To understand this you have to understand the big brother/ little brother ( call it what you will ) relationship we have with the Kiwis. Certainly if the Warriors started to excel or the Kiwis started beating us regularly I don`t think it would be long before there was a second Kiwi team. And to be honest I think the sky would be the limit if the Kiwis started beating us on a regular basis and have the World Champions crown, that would really get under a lot of Aussies skin and not only League fans.
  6. Speaking of Mal Meninga, this whole situation has the potential to get ugly, Meninga will be cursing the NRL because they`ve probably just made it a whole lot harder for him to convince a significant number of players to turn out for Oz. Alternatively they`ve probably just made it easier for some of the Pacific Islands to recruit players, who may now view it as some sort of religious crusade.
  7. Mightn`t be such a bad thing if New Zealand are the World Cup champions.
  8. Regards WC broadcast deal for Oz. Bloke says he has spoken to Dutton, hope that means he`s talking the truth. There are reports that a deal has been finalised and will be announced soon. Jon Dutton, the CEO of the event, is quoted to have said “deal is done and announcement is imminent. It’s a good deal. I am looking forward to it being announced”. This is according to Stuart Glendinning, and was emailed out to the Rugby League Uncovered email database following a meeting he had with Dutton.
  9. Imagine if the NRL would actually spend a bit of money there and also give the Warriors a few concessions so they could be the mega-club they ought to be. https://www.rugbypass.com/rugby-league/news/people-are-getting-bored-former-all-black-makes-startling-admission-that-nrl-has-overtaken-union/ Former All Black fullback Israel Dagg has made a startling admission that rugby union is being ‘absoluted dominated’ by its rival code, with rugby league commanding more of an audience in New Zealand.
  10. Alternatively they are working by the Homer Simpson principle of : " It was stupidity that got us into this situation, and it will be stupidity that gets us out ".
  11. Any game involving Papua New Guinea.
  12. Definitely seeing the World Cup getting a lot more mentions lately. Good to see the eligibility question being seen as a point of interest rather than being viewed negatively. Rugby League World Cup 2022: Which nations are NRL players representing? (msn.com)
  13. It`s a real trip down memory lane for me too, seeing names like Barry Beath, Bruce Starkey, Poppa Clay, Elton Rasmussen and legends like Billy Smith, takes me right back to when as a small child my Father would have the League on the radio in the backyard on the weekends.
  14. Yes it isn`t hard to imagine. One thing the recent rep weekend showed is that like it or not there is still a gulf between the tier two nations and OZ and NZ, with NZ increasingly looking on par with the Australians.
  15. Not sure about that. NZ has over 5 million people and a GDP/capita similar to England. So not a lot of difference to the size of NSW`s economy really. As long as we don`t over saturate the market I don`t think Rugby League would have too much problem selling out 2 or 3 internationals every year.
  16. I like that and it would leave plenty of scope for taking it around the country. Only problem I see is that a lot of people don`t like two-match series, see Women`s SOO, they like to have a 2-1 winner every year, personally I wouldn`t have an issue especially if we knew we were going to get a hum-dinger of a series every year. It could be huge.
  17. If the Kiwi`s knocked us out of the World Cup at the end of the year and then backed that up by beating us again next year, even if it was only in a one-off Test, I think the ruckus generated by those defeats would see demand for a three Test series arise pretty quickly. And now the bad news for our Northern friends. I think once again the IRL calendar would pretty quickly be reshaped to fit in around Australia`s Test calendar versus the Kiwis.
  18. True to a point certainly, but if the the Kiwi Rugby League team can start to win consistent games against the Kangaroos it won`t be long before an annual three Test series between the Kangaroos and the Kiwis dwarfs not only the Bledisloe and SOO but also most in-bound union tours and becomes the highlight of the annual sporting calendar down here. I look forward to the day that SOO not only becomes a battle for state supremacy but also has the added spice of being a contest that determines the make-up of the Australian team, like it use to.
  19. Agreed and have been making this point in every comments section of Oz media where the opportunity arose over the last week. Watching the game again last night the number of times Klein waved play on or simply didn`t react to 50/50 calls, or as is unfortunately often the case, calling anything; forwards, backwards or in between a knock-on, I was stunned by the amount of times he played benefit of the doubt. A reaction that allowed the tension to ratchet up without unnecessary and continuous interruptions. The other thing that struck me watching it again was the reaction of the television commentary team, a brief pause while waiting for the call to come then quickly forgotten with no comment either way. A reaction that only confirmed how unimportant it is in the greater scheme of things it is to be too obsessive about these things.
  20. Can`t see a Pacific or PNG team in the NRL .... yet. Much more likely to see the NRL getting the $60m V`landy`s is asking for to push League in the Pacific, all in the name of national security of course. You know the saying " patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel ", maybe the first in this case. Loved Abdo`s statement too, adding that League is " far bigger " than union now in that region.
  21. There was an intercept by an English union forward in last Saturday night`s union test, I kid you not he probably made about 2 metres before he was run down, even Junior Paulo would have run at least 10 I reckon.
  22. Yes the sight of the three blokes on the ground was disturbing and probably just as disturbing how quickly it was forgotten but overall the general reaction across the wider public over here for that game has been stunned admiration. Something that I was thought was captured perfectly by the writer of the article in the OP.
  23. Article in today`s Sydney Morning Herald. State of Origin 2022 Paul Cully: Rugby is kidding itself if it is still looking down at the NRL (smh.com.au) "But the game has bigger problems. World Rugby would probably point to the July Tests, and the proximity of the top eight test sides, as proof that the game is in rude health. After watching Origin this week, they shouldn’t be kidding themselves.
  24. Lasts nights State of Origin result will likely see a number of dual eligible players not selected in the Australian squad for the up-coming World Cup. Chief among them Jerome Luai, Josh Papalii and Stephen Chrichton and Daniel Saifiti. The first two most likely being very handy additions for the Samoan side.
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