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  1. How strong is that Tonga squad? I watch bits of the NRL but not enough to have a great deal of knowledge on every player in that squad. My first thoughts looking at it is that they don't look hugely strong in the pivot positions of halfback and hooker but I could be wrong. If we're considering our chances of getting through our side of the draw, I look at the Samoa squad and don't feel that confident but I don't quite get that feeling looking at that Tonga squad on paper. They look to have a load of power all over the field but you'd like to think we hold an advantage in terms of creativity and controlling the game.
  2. I think he’ll get Knowles and Radley on the field at the same time by playing Knowles at prop. He’s played Knowles at prop previously and I don’t think it’s a massive issue. The middle unit should be very sold defensively at least, with those two and Micky Mac in there. I’d expect those three to start and then guys like Burgess and Oledzki to bring more size and impact from the bench.
  3. Happy with the squad. There will always be the odd player here and there you’d consider changing but in the main it’s fine. I’m a bit surprised with KPP being in there. As a Wigan fan I love his potential but I don’t think he’s quite there yet but it’ll be a good experience for him.
  4. It's a huge opportunity for the sport. Lets hope we can get off to a really positive start in Newcastle, people engage in it watching it on their TV's and decide they want to be part of it. Unlike the last World Cup here in 2013, we have home internationals at the back end of next year as well and hopefully we can show some ambition with the venues and use any momentum to keep building.
  5. Maybe I've seen the wrong part of the incident then, as that sounds like the bit before what I've since seen online. I'd ban him for life anyway on the basis that he once had a haircut like David Beckham and he likes to do celebrations like Ronaldo.
  6. I’d ban LMS just for laughs myself but I’m surprised the RFL decided they’d do the same! That ban is incredible. He gets dragged in to an official and cops a ban. If bans are handed out in the World Cup like they have been in Superleague, we might need a couple more planes to carry the teams as they’ll need 40 man squads.
  7. He’s a mate of a mate, so I always take note of his tweets/comments and he’s pure doom and gloom. He revels in it but he isn’t on his own when it comes to RL Journo’s seemingly loving to inflict self harm on the sport that gives them a living.
  8. True enough. I’m hoping the quality of the Samoa team will make plenty of diehard fans sit up and realise what a good game it should be. Getting the locals in the North East interested in attending should make the biggest difference. Push it there as a proper event that you need to be at and shifting tickets shouldn’t be an issue.
  9. John Davidson has gone with the ‘still 17,000’ to shift line as though it’s a disaster but then he does love to spread negativity. If we concentrate on the 35,000 sold I think that’s decent but they need to push it big time. I’d love to know what Newcastle looks like right now. I recall one Magic weekend before the RUWC and the Tyne Bridge had a whopping World Cup logo on it. I presume we ain’t got that?! But we really should be pushing for things like that.
  10. I’d call 35,000 about par really. Not blown away but certainly not poor by any stretch. At worst you’d expect that to get a few thousand above 40k and with a good push (I won’t hold my breath) we might get up towards the full house. I’d love to think we’ll start hearing from some of the England camp now. I’m starting to think Waney has emigrated or been sent down given the lack of coverage.
  11. Just read a report saying Sneyd is in the training squad and the full squad will be confirmed on Friday. It sounds like there’s a few things to work through regarding availability of guys like Lomax and Farrell.
  12. Is anybody making profits?! Leigh aren’t spending big, Derek Is spending big and covering the losses, just as Lenagan will do for us. You say it’ll come from the kids as though we’re famed for cutting them all loose and then relying on signings coming in to the club. We can’t keep them all when it comes to the juniors. Ultimately we just produce too many. The skill is then to keep the right ones and I think we’ve been pretty good at that. If we go through the players you mention-McDonnell can’t get a game because of KPP, Faz and Bateman and turned down Wigans offer because he is worried about game time. Halsall I feel has been harshly treated this season but Peet must have his reasons for seemingly not trusting him. I presume you mean O’Neill and not O’Brien but he shouldn’t be up for grabs anytime soon. I say you can’t keep them all but that means lads who have players better then they are in their position. That stands for Partington and McDonnell but not for Brad O’Neill. He’s a superb talent and is pushing hard for a regular place.
  13. Partington needs to play 80 minutes and at Loose forward IMO and that was never happening at Wigan. Him and Smithies are too similar and Smithies is the better player, so it’s a great move for Partington. I think he’ll really make a name for himself at Salford. He’s pretty skilful to be fair to him and he’ll take it to anyone. It’s just his size that stops him being top class.
  14. Luckily the names already up there look like a computer generated image (I hope), with Shaun Edwards being printed as Sean Edwards Maybe done on purpose. You let us down, we spell your name wrong. That'll show you!!
  15. You'd like to think the England games will sell anyway and then we can get some really positive crowds on elsewhere. The big one for me that I'm looking forward to outside of the England games is Tonga vs PNG. I think they start at £25 and that's value as well. That game could be brutal.
  16. A decent percentage of die hard fans go to play off games at home or away and that is why we see big followings away and poor home support. The away followings also get boosted by hangers on, happy for the night out with their mates. Non die hard fans sit on their backsides, watching it on tv and hope they get their day out the following week at Old Trafford. The only club that seemed to get a similar play off crowd to what they get in a league game was Huddersfield but everyone who watches Huddersfield seems to be a die hard. They seem unable to attract many, if any floating fans for some reason. My guess is there will be around 10,000 in the stadium on Friday, made up about 60/40 in Wigan's favour and it will be much the same at St Helens. If the venues were flipped, it would be much the same. Every year we have people desperate to take the mick out of the home teams in the play offs, without acknowledging that every team has the same issue and therefore it's the games issue.
  17. I said in another thread that our group are giving the England vs France game at Bolton a miss in favour of going to Lebanon vs Ireland, Tonga v Wales and PNG vs Cook Islands. Those 3 games are costing a similar amount to the cheapest available ticket at England vs France and all 3 should be better contests then that England game. There's no doubt the pricing of some of the games is crazy (the £40 standing tickets for the Warrington quarter final being one that really jumps out) but as the thread points out, there is some great value out there. The chance to see some of the guys in those PNG and Tonga sides live is going to be a great experience.
  18. The Wigan fan in me says I’m nervous and it really could go either way. If I try and take myself away from that feeling and think logically, my mind drifts back to some of our play off runs back in the late 2000’s and we’d finish the season well, win a couple of tough play off games but the semi would be a step too far (and usually against Leeds at Headingley). It feels like that is how this ‘should’ go given Leeds injury/suspension problems but it’s no given (drifted back to being a nervous Wigan fan again).
  19. Pound for pound I’m going that young kid who made his debut for HKR recently, Fishwick is it?! Apparently 17 but if somebody told me he was double that and some, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid.
  20. Surprised so many have only positive things to say. I’ve been 7 or 8 times and I do love going but it can be hostile, no two ways about it. If they win, they’re great but they’re the sorest losers I’ve come across. I’ve seen it blow up a couple of times and to a greater degree than I’ve ever seen at some of the clubs here who don’t get the best rep (Wire, Hull, Cas, Wakey etc). I would always go, it’s a fantastic experience and I’ve never got caught up in anything myself but it isn’t all red wine and pleasantries.
  21. Got to be honest and say tonight is the first time I’m having my doubts. Class is permanent as they say but age catches up with everybody.
  22. I’d love to think Sky putting Leeds vs Wigan on from Magic in 2014 straight after that game is off the cuff sh*thousery! Tonight reminded me of that game.
  23. Possibly but I didn’t really notice any individual with all the La Liga theatrics going on. I think he’s go well in the World Cup though.
  24. Really hope Oledzki is ok. It was be a tough blow to see him miss the World Cup if there’s anything major.
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