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  1. Nobody is denigrating modern players,we know they are supremely fit athletes but with very little skill. as an aside name me a skilful modern day player who on his own can turn a game like Jonathon Davies, Tony Myler ,Alex Murthy etc
  2. Low skilled under the 5 meter rule,you must be blind,name me a real skilful ball player playing today and I can name you half a dozen better ball handlers from my team widnes from this era and people from other teams will be able to name there ball players,every team had them.
  3. Not talking about speeding the game up,you mention hanley and offiah who made their name pre super league when the 5 yard rule was in place,allowing more time for skilful play,nowadays its five drives and a kick to the corner. As an aside I know its like chalk and cheese pre superleague and superleage but I would like to see the full time players of today playing to the pre super rules.
  4. Thinking of ways to improve the game , 1/ If the ball goes forward out of the hands its forward. 2/ Play the ball correctly at all times. 3/ Properly contested scrums at all times if re intraduced ( this takes six people out off play creating more space in field of play.) 4/ Corner flag is in touch. 5/ Re introduce the 5meter rule from 10 meters,this will encourage skillful play in both attack and defence creating more excitment and off the cuff rugby plus more importantly give the defending side more time to block the boring and repetative last tackle kick to the corner and encourage more open play. Any other ideas to improve the game? PS when did it become law to have to markers at the play the ball as watching a game over the wekend the ref would not allow play to continue until there was 2 markers?
  5. Why have confusion when grounding the ball when scoring a try,watching Wigans first try on TV i am sure I saw daylight between hand and ball.Why can,t it revert back to Downward pressure with full control of the ball,no questions of wether little finger is touching ball etc.
  6. Due to the pandemic I think that people who watched the game pre super league will drop off as they realise they have been paying to watch robots running round like headless chickens and people posy super league dont know any different as they have not watched real rugby league live.
  7. Dennis was known as Quicksilver and would have left Danny Maguire,S.Edwards etc by a large margin,he was magic.
  8. Dennis O.Neil at stand off,nobody close.
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