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  1. Not an Rl book, but the best sports book i ever read was The Perfect distance, (coe v ovett) by Pat Butcher, fascinating read, wild man coe getting into a fight and smashing an oar over someone’s head. Some very funny moments mixed in with one ofsports greatest rivalry.
  2. I like him as a person, but shouldn’t be anywhere near a microphone, did not understood a word he said when analysing that try.
  3. I can’t I cannot remember last time we played them or were never mind the score
  4. about the same as England from Australian point of view, nit worth playing too easy
  5. I’m an RL fan and I’m only watching second half until snooker comes back on. funny thing is what turned me from just a casual interest in RL was the First test in 86 at a packed out Old Trafford, electric! , but this isn’t at old Trafford and isn’t GB v Kangaroos
  6. Ah ok, well great deal if you want championship action
  7. Whats the significance to Rugby League serious question.
  8. Don’t t know were the Walters to Saints is coming from, Walters is disgruntled that he cannot get a game at Leeds Doubt he’d get anywhere near Saints side. Was average on loan at Bradford, think thats his level at the moment.
  9. Why is it leeds fans job to fill your flat pack stadium, away fans dont bother turning up much at leeds, I’ve heard fans of other clubs regularly saying their not putting money in Leeds pockets, there is always P*^s poor away support at Leeds nowadays apart from the odd game.
  10. Ive never seen a man huff and puff and struggle to run 40 meters after an interception in a free run to the line.
  11. I think Cas my sneak this cas better than current results and can put a performance in now and again.
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