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  1. You should have said “you would have been MOM if you weren’t a cheating winker”
  2. Quite a few amateur clubs, who have excellent facilities gyms all weather areas separate flood lit playing and training pitches, these are a credit to the game. Then there are clubs like Wakefield a club at our elite level, with facilities so sub standard a 1980’s Sunday league side would be embarrassed by. Wakey fans don't like people have a go at them but there are an absolute embarrassment to the Professional game at any level never mind super league.
  3. £2 each or 2 for a fiver swear i once saw a widnes fan take him up on that offer and cas fan once.
  4. The 86 roo’s had king Wally at 6, Gene miles and Kenny at centre, Meninga was coming back from some nasty arm breaks always though Kenny played in the Modern game would be Fullback his game would suit the modern fullback.
  5. Buderous was the best Hooker I ever saw in terms of Talent, smith brings other things to the table Roby is possibly the best British 9 I have seen like Peacock gets better with age.
  6. Too many great players over different eras who brought different things to the table most Dangerous attacking player - Ellery most natural footballer Instinctive of the cuff genius player- Schoey Best leader brains - Sinfield/cameron Smith best all round can do everything- The King Wally Lewis other note worthy greats Kenny Sterling Johns Thurstone Meninga Fittler Andy Gregory Laurie Daley at a pinch I would say Wally is the best I ever saw
  7. Any employer can terminate an employee if they are on long term sick with little chance of returning, they would gave seeked medical advice and reality is he will never play again
  8. South Florida speed thats a cracking Name/logo Glad the Axemen and fight are still around.
  9. Such a shame that USRL was on an upwards trajectory until the world cup when the US national league players qualified gor the world cup then where all but you ignored in favour off Aussie qualified imports for the main tournament almost killed the game stone cold dead over there could. hopefully they are back on the up.
  10. Ray french “they’ll be celebrating tonight in John Joyners Fish shop” and the all time classic “McKensie this fooker can rub”
  11. It ####### up and have nit worked out how to delete a post
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