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  1. I would like to ask how you all feel about the superleague coverage on sky. For myself, I feel a lot of disappointment. They seem so unwilling to let you see even one full minute of uninterrupted, on field action. Personally I think there is no need to, 1 Show a repeat of the ball changing possession, every time it occurs, 2 Show a repeat of the offence when a penalty kick to touch happens. 3 Show people not actually in action on the field of play, ie team coaches, chairmen, fans at home, injured players going to dressing rooms. 4 Flash the superleague insignia on screen well over a hundred times per game. I get the feeling that they are more interested in showing what the commentators want to talk about, rather than "live action". I would be interested to know how many like coverage as it is, and how many, would just like to see continuous live action. I also feel that they have too many commentators, or experts making comments. Would prefer less, and a reduction in their prices with the savings.
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