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  1. Relocate Salford Red Devil’s to Salford city Fc ground and swinton lions to the Manchester regional arena. Id also look to try and kick-start a grassroots expansion programme within the greater Manchester area like what the Newcastle thunder are currently doing targeting areas like Tameside, Trafford borough and gorton etc.
  2. I was for that move but only if the lions moved to the stadium were the Manchester rangers played out of. changing the name of swinton lions to Manchester lions whilst still based in Salford was/is pointless unless you move lock, stock and barrel to Manchester permanently.
  3. It certainly does. Even more so when there was an actual semi-professional RL team of that very name in the early 90’s.
  4. With friends like this who needs enemies
  5. Scottish and English people/migrants were influential in spreading football in Argentina as where Italian and German immigrants both in Argentina and other South American countries. A RL equivalent would be Australian soldiers taking the game to PNG whilst stationed there during WW2. Places like Serbia and other Balkan countries could and do benefit from the 1st&2nd generation of the Balkan nations diaspora living in Australia. You can also add Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Malta etc to that list as well.
  6. The victory cup I believe which involved the nations of the allies during WW2. USA, England, Russia and France. Early 90’s Morocco run by a guy who played for London crusaders. M’barki? japan along with Moldova and South Africa gone very quiet.
  7. Trinidad and Tobago is the next largest country. Could try and start something there.
  8. What Manchester Rangers played on?
  9. If I was the Red Devil’s I’d approach Salford city Fc about a ground share at the football club. what’s the MRA?
  10. Great idea and good luck to all involved. is there much RL activity in Bridlington?
  11. Say what you want about rugby union and their on-field product but one can’t deny their commitment to expansion and increasing their footprint worldwide.
  12. Not possible or we would have an international scene to rival football.
  13. Had high hopes for Lebanon after their creation in 2000 with all the decent amount of heritage players they could call on in the various different Aussie league grades including the NRL but things seem to have plateaued somewhat. same could be said for nation’s like Greece and Italy who can both call on a decent player pool in the Aussie grade competitions. The Balkan nations offer the best chance of success for me what with their close proximity, small-medium sized countries and already in-built rivalries .
  14. Obviously but which ones should we target over others and which ones could really succeed?
  15. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland play as one United island of Ireland.
  16. As long as they(Brazilian students) enjoyed it the result is secondary.
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