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  1. 3 minutes ago, jim_57 said:

    A few at random:

    N America - Mexico (Always had a soft spot for them come Football WC time, no idea why).

    S America - Columbia (same as Mexico)

    Asia - Phillipines (Close enough to latch on to the Australian professional system if the backing was ever there, could probably put out a decent team already with heritage players.

    Europe - Germany, Russia (Just personal picks if I had to choose).

    Hate to be pedantic but it’s Colombia 😉

    Dont know why but I always liked Colombia since the italia 90.

  2. 22 minutes ago, JM2010 said:

    I think in the NH Italy, Greece, Turkey and Lebanon are the best bets for competitve international sides with NRL heritage players complimenting domestic development. Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Jamaica and Nigeria as well but with more emphasis on UK based players complimenting their domestic scenes.

    France are the most developed in the NH on the domestic front without relying on heritage players they just need some help in taking it to the next level

    I’d definitely add Serbia to that list of countries.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Futtocks said:

    It was played in Italy for about 10 years back then, but skulduggery from well-connected people in another sport* made sure RL didn't get government recognition, so players couldn't get insurance and the whole thing withered away. That, plus the usual threat of life bans for code-switchers.

    *bet you can't guess which sport.


  4. 10 minutes ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

    100% I would like to see Rugby League flourish in all the Eastern European countries.

    We should be giving 100% support to Russia/Ukraine/Serbia as the main 3 RL nations followed by ALL OTHER Eastern European nations.



    Could you imagine the rivalry between Russia and Ukraine or Serbia and Kosovo?

    Would make the “Ashes” rivalry look like a village fete.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, moorside roughyed said:

    I'd love to see the Eastern European countries playing it. They live their combative sports, mma, boxing etc. The legendary Polish strongman Mariusz Pudzianovski used to play rugby albeit union in the Poznan region of the country I believe. 

    This may not be politically correct to say but I don’t really do political correctness or identity politics but Slavic countries still place a high emphasis on strength and alpha male tendencies in society and there’s no better way to show this off than through sports like boxing, MMA and wrestling etc.

    RL and Slavic culture you’d imagine would fit hand in glove.

  6. 15 minutes ago, The Rocket said:

    Good question Mac, I`d have to plump for Turkey, 85 million people, 20th biggest economy in the world or 11th on a per capita basis, not ideally situated as far as tapping into existing professional competitions but alternately well-placed between the Balkan Leagues and Lebanon to make for handy rivalries. But I do especially like the 85 million population though.

    Emre Guler future captain of turkey 😉

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  7. 13 minutes ago, Futtocks said:


    "The IRL world rankings have not been updated for some time, but the most recent rankings for men’s teams had Chile at #32, the highest ranked country in South and Central America. Colombia was next best at #40 and Brazil checked in at #41.

    Chile and Brazil are affiliate members of the IRL, Colombia has observer status.

    Argentina is unranked and its IRL membership is pending, while fellow South American nations Peru and Uruguay have seen varying degrees of fledgling rugby league start-ups in recent years.

    And it is a very similar story in Central American countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Ecuador."

    Central and South America has so much potential and is a huge untapped market.


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