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  1. Its great , the Hollywood take over has certainly flicked a switch and sparked fresh enthusiasm into the club .Also , Chesterfield , Grimsby and Notts County are getting very good gates as well .
  2. It looks like Sony Pictures are about to buy out Bad Wolf Productions , what that means for Doctor Who , who knows .
  3. I think you're spot on , while Toronto had a better squad , Toulouse are a better team , I think that's because Toulouse are coached better .
  4. Disappointed with todays result but Toulouse were worthy winners , I don't know if they'll avoid bottom spot next season but they'll certainly win some games .One things for sure , they are a far better team than Toronto were , mind you , they are far better coached than Toronto were .
  5. Surely this wasn't a Saints fan , it must have been a Fev fan , surely , anyway . I wouldn't stand up to sing anything that I didn't like , Jerusalem is a very boring hymn and I haven't got a clue what any of the words are .
  6. If The Timeless Child is some parallel Universe type story and Gallifrey hasn't been destroyed , then it will be interesting to see what RTD does , as you say , he destroyed Gallifrey , Moffat brought it back , Chibnall destroyed it and could possibly be bringing it back , what will RTD do ? will he destroy it again !
  7. What is it you don't like about The Timeless Child ? is it the fact that there are a lot of pre-Hartnell incarnations of The Doctor ? or is it the the fact that The Doctor isn't from Gallifrey and that all the Time Lords and their regenerative powers descended from her ? or is it both? Personally , I'm intrigued to see how the story pans out , and what or whom , are The Division .
  8. I really enjoyed the RTD era , but preferred the Moffat era , particularly with Capaldi as the Doctor , but I think a lot of RTD fans will be in for a bit of a shock , I don't expect his new era to be anything like his old one , he's written a couple of cracking drama's over the last few years(Years and Years , Its a sin) and I'm really looking forward to see what he has to offer . Its interesting to see that Bad Wolf Productions will co-produce the show with BBC studios , BWP was founded by Julie Gardner , who worked on DW while RTD was there and Jane Tranter , who , I think was head of drama at the BBC when DW was brought back .
  9. I don't think Team Europe has much chance of winning SPOTY this year .
  10. Well , that's a surprise , Russel T Davies is to to return as Doctor Who show runner for the 60th anniversary special and series beyond , there were rumours that Olly Alexander would be the next Doctor , so this appointment will make those rumours even stronger .
  11. I think we can safely say that Federer's grand slam winning days are over , Nadal has dropped down the pecking order as far as hard courts are concerned , his best bet is still clay , but he's no where near as dominant and will have 2 or 3 players as serious challengers , as for Djokovic , he'll contend on all surfaces , but Wimbledon will be his best bet .
  12. What a performance from Raducanu , coming all the way through qualifying to win the trophy , Fernandez played very well and was a very difficult opponent , but ER just edged it . Just looking at her , she seems to have the perfect all round game , she has a great forehand ,exceptional backhand , particularly her backhand DTL , great return of serve , exceptional movement , a good drive volley and the ability under pressure , and for me , there's still room for improvement , I just hope the media allow her to lose a few match's early on in tournaments and not get on her back , lets face it , Wimbledon , next year , is going to be absolutely mad . On to the men's final , I was a bit torn between Djokovic creating a little bit of history and Medvedev winning his first slam , but there's no doubt the Russian ran out deserved winner , lets face it , he's been knocking on the door for a couple of years now .
  13. Amazon have struck a deal with channel 4 to show tonights final live .
  14. In the 1980s I went to school with 2 polish kids and later on went to work with a couple of blokes of Polish descent , in all cases , the only give away that they were Polish was their surnames ,but when you spoke to them , while they were very proud of their Polish roots , they considered themselves British .
  15. Fernandez beat the No 2 , 3 , 5 and 16 seeds on her way to the final , Raducanu beat No 11 ( Olympic gold medal winner from Tokyo) and No 17 seed , the No 1 seed was beaten by Shelby Rodgers , who was then trounced by Raducanu a round later .
  16. What a fantastic games for team GB , before the games we were predicted to get something like 15 golds and 52 medals in total , personally , I thought we'd struggle to get into double figures as far as gold was concerned .
  17. Isn't it great to have fans back at league games again .
  18. That was a socking exchange , also the handover from Dina to Neita was very safe . It just goes to show how far the 4x100 women have come , when you can do a series of bad change overs and still win a medal . It was only 9 years ago , at London 2012 , when we didn't even qualify a team for the Olympics .
  19. That was absolutely phenomenal , when you see races such as this , the scratch race , the points race , there always seems to be so much left to chance , but they came in with a plan and executed it perfectly .
  20. Thats the problem with only having a hand full of medal contenders , it only takes a couple to get injured and you're looking at a disaster .
  21. I absolutely agree with this , another rumour doing the rounds is that in Jodie's final episode , she will be seen to start to regenerate but we won't see who she regenerates into , this is because the show maybe going on a 2-5 year break , this is not because the Beeb want to put it on an hiatus , but because they can't find anyone to take over as show runner , and quite frankly , who can blame them , parts of the DW fandom is absolutely toxic , as you say , the level of abuse Chibnall has received is absolutely shocking , and that was before an episode had aired , Steven Moffat had to leave social media because of the abuse he received and death threats , even Russel T Davis left twitter because of abuse he received towards the end of his tenure .
  22. The BBC has just confirmed that Jodie and Chris Chibnall are leaving Doctor Who , there will be 6 episodes in the up coming series , then 3 specials , the last of which will air in autumn 2022 .
  23. Children of the Earth was probably the best thing ever to come out of the Whoniverse , I can remember people at work who never watched Doctor Who/Torchwood talking about it and saying how good it was . Back to the upcoming series , I too am looking forward to it , I want to see the conclusion of the Timeless Child arc and to find out who or what are " The Division "
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