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  1. Probably meant "Stealers" with reference to financial services...... "Halifax, like many towns, had a few engineering firms at one time, but Steelers would be stretching it a bit." More than a few engineering (machine tool) firms. Off the top of my head Asquiths, Churchill Redmond, Staveleys, Butlers, Binns Berry, Swift, Ajax, Seymour, Pratts, Stirks.... Without machine tools you make nothing. As for Chippy's the nation's fish and chips were fried by Frank Ford at the bottom of Haley Hill.
  2. I'm 62, have followed Halifax since been taken to Thrum Hall by my Dad in the early 60's, and knowing some of the players then through his work. I really dislike this modern branding, but the point is that it doesn't matter. I'll still go and see them whenever I can whatever they are called. The point is that marketing research apparently concludes that the club will be more successful in attracting younger generations with a new brand. I don't understand it but there we are. I wish the club the best of luck of with it, and for what it's worth I think they've done a reasonable job given t
  3. Halifax Panthers Well it's definitely better than BlueSox....
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