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  1. Hi Stephen when I get it into print I will send you a copy. It's will have quite alot of my rugby adventures in it and other sports like my time in the Williams F1 garage in Japan. But also getting back on my feet after my accident. Hope you are well take care! PenelopeT
  2. My dad of course 'Tank' Trevor Walker Gary Cocks Mark Haigh And don't forget all the other amazing guys!!
  3. I remember throwing a wet sponge at him on the bench because he wouldn't let me take Neil Kelly off who I thought may have broken his arm, he had. I had respect for Bamford a man with a genuine love for the game. He must have also had some respect for me because he asked me to go to Bramely when he went to coach there in 1993 which I did. One of the lost characters of the game.
  4. I am just writing about Huyton rugby club in a book I am writing. My father Trevor Walker 'Tank' and another player Dave Cocks who played for Dewsbury, and later Bately, Went in the 1970's to play there and help establish the team. I have my dad's 1972-73 players season ticket with all the fixtures in it.
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