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  1. Fair point , I think however most people feel that sports , TV , Education, Adverts have become tools whereby special interest groups can push their opinions. The majority of people want to watch a game of sports eat a pie and have a pint without the constant drip feeding of propaganda coming with all three .
  2. I don’t think it’s a case of people who don’t like a certain community won . I think this is a victory for sports remaining apolitical and sticking to providing entertainment.
  3. Does anyone on here update Wikipedia records.
  4. When and why did international RL stop being profitable. We had tri/four nations up to 2015 , I don’t understand at what point it stopped being viable
  5. For me the ambition was great , The issue was I think the organisers got in to a drum beating , Buzz word saying , everything is going to be great groupthink and assumed the job was done , Stoked by Dutton . You can tell this was the case by the outlandish statements on attendance . In Short they spent that long telling all and sundry about there new whirlpool bath ( which is not necessarily a bad thing ) that nobody checked the pipe work ( infrastructure, Basics )properly before the water got turned on .
  6. I think if Cas had one decent plastic seats cantilever affair it would make it Bob on as RL grounds go .
  7. Totally agree , I think it adds character to be able to identify a stadium on TV . Many of the new ones are fairly interchangeable .
  8. Overuse of the word 'inclusive' Drives me insane , Especially when it’s used to divert you from failings .
  9. Would Groups of 3 , one less group game quarters semifinal final be a possible.
  10. Football doesn’t have an issue with Funding Participation Attendances Popularity thats why it doesn’t matter so much . No one’s pointing out failings in RL for fun . I’m sure your in agreement that with our sports product it should be vastly more popular than it is . People just want to see the game getting the support it deserves
  11. I went to 9 in total and have aired my disappointment at the organisers since day one . It’s a very flippant comment to assume people rightly pointing out that the organisers have failed to perform to there pay pack are professional moaners . Other sports fans simply would not shrug their shoulders and accept some of the bloopers and missed opportunities that we have suffered in this World Cup . It harks to the RL fans stoic acceptance of poor leadership that people are mobbing those who dare to point out obvious failings.
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