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  1. Agreed, and he’s been punished in line with the laws of the land . From a perspective of how Fev are run is he doing a good job ?
  2. So basically did all in the grand scheme of things .
  3. Hi Robin you still haven’t given an answer on the direct question posed to you . I’m surprised at you popping up in the thread again .
  4. I reasonably intelligent so no need to be rude , see my later posts for further information, ref the Melbourne comment the question was if they mirrored David Fifita comments would it been seen as racist . Also you state my view is ridiculous, Please intelligently looking st previous posts and discussion explain why you disagree. It downgrades your arguments when you get rude there is no need at all .
  5. See Dunbar’s response to my question. And what proof do you require. If your answer to my earlier question on if a white player made the same comment ( scroll up ) would that be ok , is yes that would be fine , then I need no proof as my issue would be baseless, if your answer would be No then surely There is the proof of an inequality. I’m then open ideas as to why the may be the case as was beautifully put forward by Copa .
  6. Read it and commented that it was a very sensible and informative comment, I take a lot from that , I would ask though when demographic change happens in the club system, would the response to his comments change .
  7. Good points there . I take a lot from that .
  8. Silly comment, this is about him basically saying who he prefers as teammates. And me saying that seems a little unfair that a white player couldn’t say the same , and if he did would be branded a racist
  9. No I’m not , he’s not homesick he was born raised plays for a team in and represents Queensland. As confirmed by Dunbar if a white player were to make the same comments it would be deemed racist .
  10. I’m just commenting on that’s it seems to be extremely unfair that one group of players can’t say something another group can by reason of skin colour .
  11. Thank you for avoiding answering my question and therefore validating my point . Good work NRL on its continued drive for equality ( see Dunbar’s answers to the question)
  12. Brilliant, thank you for answering . Just to say I don’t like it and it is very unfair. So can I ask based on that And what my original point was is he being racist ( ie he prefers to work with teammates of colour) , but essentially in the current climate that’s ok . Is that statement correct.
  13. I am doing something about it I’m asking for others opinion to broaden the argument, I may learn something, discussion is how we should approach these subjects. I am pressing simply because people ( Bar one )are avoiding answering a perfectly reasonable question.
  14. To be honest, everyone bar one person has avoided answering the actual questions , there is not going to be anything there if you avoid it . So Robin can you answer the question I asked please.
  15. Is Polynesian and Indigenous not a racial categorisation ?
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