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  1. So he's become Vice Chairman of a Rugby Club controlled by one man?
  2. So what is Roddy's role in the Club?
  3. Asked Tony Barrow, over 30 years ago, for help in setting up a Women's RL team. He immediately said no
  4. I was there, with my Sister, that day. We were making our way through the Stand when it all kicked off near us. Think Roundy was involved in the Fracas too and got sent off for his troubles. Isn't Mount Pleasant the name of Batleys Ground and Crown Flatt is or was Dewsburys?
  5. On Tuesday it will be 25 years since Sheddings closed
  6. All the land around Whitebank has either been built on or is owned by others.
  7. Got a friend who lives on Whitebank Rd and he's not aware of any fire.
  8. Best looking on here to see what the Fans think. So many ideas have been ignored over the years. CH doesn't give a stuff about the fans and couldn't care less what they think. Have you had a shufty at the elusive accounts books yet John?.
  9. Don't forget the other 3 that were there in 1997. Melvin Lord, Stewart Hardacre and Sean Whitehead.
  10. Just like it is at the Rugby Offices
  11. What was the first name of the Littler who played for us a few years back?
  12. At least he won't have far to travel to work. He's got a house across the road from Latics.
  13. The Club had a chance to engage with the kids from Limehurst Lions.
  14. No. People have tried to invest in the past but have come up against a brick wall time and time again. It's like the man in charge doesn't want anybody else to see what a John Halls he's made of his running of the once great Club.
  15. No thanks. He's left us in the lurch twice.
  16. If it's anything like your previous books, it will be a good read. Have got One Spring, One Summer, One Autumn & One Winter in my book collection and have enjoyed reading them ewd lad :-)
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