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  1. Saints smallest crowd of the season with just a pitiful 8,222. Two games in four days are not very appealing. Wakey brought about 150fans and Saints didn’t even bother opening the away end. A plucky performance by Saints but Wakefield were far too big, strong and faster. They scored some cracking tries especially the young lad on the wing he looks a good un. Even i was wavering and was thinking of giving it a miss but in the end i went. Usually im disappointed when we lose but today i just couldn’t wait to get home to watch Barnet Vs Eastleigh. Oh we won that shield type-thing. Hurrah : - /
  2. I think Salford will win easily by 22pts. It’s a Leeds/Salford GF if they don’t meet in the play offs up to it.
  3. I don’t know why we went from 7.45pm KO’s last season back to 8pm KO’s for 2022. I preferred the earlier KO even though it was only 15mins.
  4. Was there a decent turnout for Salford’s game, and Wakey’s ?. it’ll be interesting to see the turnouts tomorrow, i know a few people who are not wasting £23 tomorrow to go and watch Saints, even a couple of ST Holders are not bothering with so many players missing. Quality over quantity is what they want.
  5. Wigan thoroughly deserved the victory they scored some cracking tries. Some of the Saints fans who was sat around me thought i was a Wigan fan for applauding their tries and touchline conversions. I didn’t know applauding good RL from the opposition was frowned upon. I didn’t expect us to win but when we decided to go for the 2pts early on in front of the sticks instead of tapping it, i knew it was going to be a five drives and a ###### little up & under night. Our kicking in general play has to be one of the worst in the game. Hurrell came up with one of his howlers as he always does, the pack was nonexistent, they were stood still when they got the ball. Then there is Ben Davies he just offers nothing, id sooner put someone in the halves who has a bit of pace and can offer something like Bell. Davies is like a static caravan wherever he is on the pitch. It was a great atmosphere, but ruddy hell Saints fans are joint first with Leeds&Hull fans for whining. The hatred towards the Thaler was quite shocking. Someone threw their glasses onto the pitch (is that a banning offence or just RL bants) aimed at Thaler. He should have thrown them at Woolf. I still don’t think we will win the GF, Hurrell & Davies are bog standard, bennison is too young to be playing so much first team RL he was caught out again with his defence. But the pack was a big letdown with their feeble tick rugby tackling. Wakey on Monday, i expect they’ll fancy their chances if Woolf sticks with his dull negative tactics.
  6. He is the best player i have ever seen to put on a Saints shirt and play at the top level like he has. His fitness is amazing i am not doubting that, and he defence is still first class. But it’s in attack were we are lacking from our hookers. I hope i am wrong but i think it’s a year too far. I know plenty of people who are really pleased he’s resigned, but i think they’re just looking through rose tinted glasses and their hope is he might become the player to play the most matches ever for Saints. Ive said to them “is that the only reason why you want him to do one more season”. I don’t know if Saints are bringing anyone in for next season but id like to see a utility back who can play in the halves, and a winger.
  7. I would’ve preferred he retired at the end of the season. Lussick will have to put in more minutes and start to offer more as he has been very average so far this season.
  8. Blimey that’s good, i didn’t think people would be that interested even though i am going myself. But i have been badgered into going. I just hope there is no throwing of ale from the Yoof further back in the stand. Is it cashless at the DW ?.
  9. I have been watching on PBS “Living In Germany At War”. It is so sad to see how a large majority of the German public fell for the Nazi propaganda & lies.
  10. I listen to LBC sometimes depending were i am working. I don’t mind the fella who is on at about 10am, and the fella who is on a Friday night at about 10pm, but i haven’t got a clue what their names are.
  11. I’ve spent the day trying to avoid people so i don’t have to talk to them. It’s something i do everyday.
  12. Blimey that must’ve been hard Angelic. I have loads of vinyl lp’s/12”/7”s and although i don’t listen to them anymore i could never get rid of them. I want all my Half Man Half Biscuit cd’s and Albums buried with me, i wouldn’t want them to be thrown into a skip when I’m gone.
  13. My brother has just sent me a couple of pictures of comments made on that there Facemuck thing, and it seems Cas, FC fans are the most annoyed. Even Saints and Wigan have been called cheating b******* because it’s always the big clubs who run the game and pay the Refs. It also seems according to one person it’s simply down to the colour of shirt you wear.
  14. Phil Clarke always reminds me of my uncle Ken, the same dress sense and was a lovely fella as well.
  15. A Wigan win. The Saints back line is very weak without Percival, Grace & Hopoate. If Woolf goes with Hurrell & Davies in the centres or Davies in the halves we will be in trouble. I think we will struggle to make the GF.
  16. You’ll be fine if you are going meast, it’s a state of the art stadium with two fantastic new stands.
  17. I thought SRD were content with moving to where Salford City play ?. Hopefully if the fella who is interested in buying SRD that will all change.
  18. I wouldn’t trust a rugger club, look at the Sale Cuckoos.
  19. I’ve added “This Is A Disaster” to my list, i have listened too the first two episodes. The problem is i only really listen to my podcasts when i go to bed, which means i miss half the stories and have to restart them again.
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