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  1. I was at Old Trafford when the Aussies scored that last second try against us, was it Meninga who made the break and nudged Gibson out of the way. I can’t remember the year but it was sickening losing against them. I enjoyed the day as a whole though, “Ere We Go, Ere We Go, Ere We Go”.
  2. Id be spoilt for choice but id go for the Dark Ages when Cunningham was coach. He was a fantastic player but his coaching style was dreadful.
  3. I have just finished watching the two part documentary called “The Exiles Secretly Deported”. It’s the story of hundreds of Chinese seamen who worked for the Merchant Navy during wwii and had settled in Liverpool. Late in 1945 they started to disappear from their homes and were never seen again. The story is quite shocking on how the men and their families were treated by the british government. It is so so sad.
  4. I didn’t want to go the match but i was persuaded in the end, now i am glad i did. It was an entertaining match, i thought we’d get pasted before KO then when we went 8-0 down i feared it could be 30/40pts. Fair credit to leeds they played some exciting RL in the first half and although it is painful when your club is on the receiving end, i do appreciate good RL no matter who it is. Saints did really well to get back into the game, i still think we need too improve our last tackle options. A big pat on the back for Bennison, Lomax, Dodd, Walmsley, Mata’utia, Knowles, Mbye, Bell, Wingfield, Delaney. Even Blake had an ok game. Excellent crowd with the weather not being great.
  5. What has gone on at York City, they are a team i didn’t expect to be battling for their lives in the National League. It is so tight at the bottom anyone up to Dag & Red in 13th could still go down.
  6. I have got tickets for The Lovely Eggs & The Breeders both in Manchester. I just hope a Saints game doesn’t clash with TLE as i think id have to give it a miss. The Breeders are fine as that is midweek.
  7. I’ve not got a clue how they work it out EW, but the person who bought the ticket and stayed at home thought he made a wise move.
  8. The Saints attendance was down 333 on our match against Salford in 2023. I know someone who bought a ticket for the game but gave it a miss with it being so cold, i couldn’t blame him.
  9. Salford deserved the win, we (Saints) went back to our bad old ways of poor discipline and losing a big lead. If you are going to have someone sent off don’t do it against a team like Salford. Once again our goal kicking was biz, it is puzzling why we have gone into another season without a recognised goal kicker. In 2023 we used six goal kickers, so far it’s three in 2024. Makinson had a stinker with a capital S, but he wasn’t the only one Bennison, Walmsley, Sironen, Mbye were appalling. But i have to give a special mention to our NRL superstar Waka Blake this lad reeks to high heaven and i have seen more movement in a static caravan. As soon as Salford threw it out wide to Lafai & Cross it was clear they would have success. It makes me wonder if he wants to be here, i don’t blame if he doesn’t because last night it was bitterly cold but quite a few fans were willing to take him to Manchester airport last night. Fair credit to the Salford fans they backed their side throughout the match, over the years we have sneaked games in the last minute against them so it was finally revenge. It was good watching the Salford fans celebrating at the end of the match, i was probably at our old hallowed turf when they last beat us. If Blake is playing next week and Percy is suspended then i can see a heavy defeat at Leeds.
  10. I am going for Salford because of their excellent kicking game, I’ll go Salford by 7. They are a great side to watch.
  11. Tonight’s great win might get a few fans back Dave.
  12. It looked ruddy cold over on the east coast. Hats off to the fans who braved the weather, and a double hats off for the Wire fans. I hope the M62 is not closed.
  13. Just shows how important it is having a top goalkicker like a Sneyd, Martin.
  14. 13,028 at Saints a decent crowd with it being so bloody cold, but it was down 400 on last year when we played them.
  15. Talking to my mates coming back from the match and we thought we were fortunate. With the injuries Leigh had picked up during the game we thought they might’ve tired but they kept on coming. They had us stretched out wide a lot of times, Leigh are a great watch when they throw the ball about. I was very very impressed with their No6 (sorry don’t know his name). Thankfully we held firm which is a big positive our defence is really good. Our attack is hit and miss a bit like our kicks in general play, i wish we had someone who could kick a 40/20. There was a lot of errors throughout the match but it was still entertaining to watch in the stadium, it was a good atmosphere with the Leigh fans backing their side for the full eighty, but by eck it was freezing. Standouts for Saints hmm the Makinson try was a cracker i thought Hardaker (was it Hardaker) had Makinson but he managed to get over. My MoM was the person who put Buddy Holly on by Wheezer at HT.
  16. I enjoyed watching Leigh last season (apart from the two games when they deserved to beat us). They move the ball around really well and spread it out quickly. Id imagine the pitch will be very heavy, roll on summer. I wonder if Saints will go with “whoever scores the try can go for goal”, id rather Makinson didn’t bother.
  17. I’m dun wiv it. since 1895 i have told people RL is finished, i won’t stop saying that until i am proven right. I am a massive RL fan but i love telling everyone #TheGameIsDead.
  18. Yes definitely, i think most fans of SL clubs would like too see their club join in the draws earlier.
  19. Is it the SL clubs who were in favour of entering the CC in the 6th Rd. It would be great if they came in two rounds earlier but i don’t think that will happen.
  20. I don’t know how many fans were on at Swinton, but the Oldham supporters have some of the noisiest in the world.
  21. It does seem as if the Broncos have ignored off the field issues in trying to get fans through the gate for years. Is it because they have moved around so much it would mean starting up again with promotion of the club into another different area of London ??.
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