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  1. You’re right Grubs. At least Leigh were willing to try new things and entertain the fans. They were also not afraid to throw the ball about and they showed some nice touches. Saints were a bit predictable at times with plodding down the middle.
  2. He is a better player in the halves than even at centre or wing. If Lomax doesn’t play on Monday i wouldn’t be surprised if Woolf moves Roby to six and puts Welsby on the bench. Dodd is settling in really well. I just wish Saints would give the ball a huge hoof into space on the last tackle instead of the easy dollies they do at the moment.
  3. If they ever do a remake of the film Billy Liar, Marwan is the man for the role.
  4. I took a Stoke City fan to the game last night, his first ever live RL match. He loved every minute of it, even though it was one sided affair he didn’t care who won he just enjoyed the whole night. He has only seen the players get stuck in to one another on TV, but he said “seeing it live was something else, how the f*** do they f****** get up and carry on playing after those tackles”. He was also surprised how good the atmosphere was. I’ve not persuaded him to be a Saints fan (yet), but he said “he’d love to come another match”. I know people will say ‘he’s a Stoke fan he will watch anything”, but he is now a Stoke City fan who has enjoyed the games on TV but would now love to attend more live RL games.
  5. Saints will miss Makinson carting the ball up from his own line. It’ll all be down to Coote, Naiqama, Grace(if play’s), Percival. I’d imagine Woolf will keep it simple, down the middle with the odd drop off pass back down the middle.
  6. Good luck to HKR, they seem to be on the up especially with their plans. While FC seemed to have stagnated, and the stadium they share with City doesn’t feel like home to some.
  7. I think everyone thinks the game needs a revamp but how can that be done in RL ?.
  8. I was given a free ticket today to watch Man United v Leeds, (my brother and his mates are season ticket holders) but my bro was given a freebie. You’d have thought that it would’ve been a sell out with Man Utd having a billion fan’s and Leeds having three billion fan’s (which a billion were outside before & during the game) but it wasn’t a sell out. I was surprised that there were empty seats. Would i go again if i was offered another freebie probably not, especially against Leeds they are dreadful. The game was over after 64mins, the atmosphere was great at times but there was stages when it was so quite you could hear someone fart(that was a real wwi gas attack whoever dropped it). I don’t know why it wasn’t a sell out but perhaps Covid has even affected football fan’s who either are wary about going, or just haven’t got the cash anymore to watch the Premier League.
  9. Saints were bloody awful in this game the discipline was shocking, Bentley is a penalty machine i don’t know what he was trying to prove. Of course Woolf’s mind numbingly dull tactics of keeping everything down the middle and try and power their way over the line doesn’t help, he hasn’t got anything else to offer. Full credit to Cas they scored some nice tries and Richardson kicked a couple of cracking goals from the touchline. They scored right in front of were i stand at Saints and the celebrations from the Cas players was great to see and it must’ve been great for DR.
  10. Roby has been playing really well the last few games, but i would sooner if he hung up his boots at the end of the season. He has been an amazing player for Saints id even class him as a better all round player than Cunningham. I just hope he never takes up coaching like KC.
  11. Hopoate can get out to the huge Mormon community in St Helens and get them down to the TWS.
  12. The Lidl’s own aren’t bad either, i think they’re called Fringles or something like that. The Fringles come in a tube like the Pringles, but Lidl’s own are about 4foot high and you get a ton for about 69p.
  13. Untwist your knickers, did i say it was ok to boo an injured player……..i don’t think i did. Was it my fault that some people chose to jeer, i don’t think it was. There were plenty of fan’s who gave the lad a round of applause as he went off.
  14. The game wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, and both sides handled the ball well considering the conditions. Some of the tackles were real bone crunchers and i honestly don’t know how they get up and just carry on playing. Both sin-binning’s were harsh, but i was very impressed with the young Catalans player’s they never took a backward step. I thought the Ref did a decent job, i wouldn’t want to be an official because some of the abuse they get really is shocking. I know people say it’s the heat of the moment or they had one pint too many but at times it’s embarrassing.
  15. I didn’t think the 7,700 crowd was that bad for the Saints game. I know a couple of mates who were going to go and pay on the gate but when they saw the weather they said “you can f*** off im not getting drenched walking to the ground and then watch the game soaking wet”. I thought that was a bit harsh but i said “I’m afraid i don’t have control over the Bwitish Wevver ask Boris about that”. But they did have a point, there is nothing worse than getting caught in a downpour whilst making your way to a match. I think they’ll get less on Thursday vers Cas, quite a few people i know who are season tickets can’t make it because of work commitments. But will Saints do anything to try and entice old or new fan’s to go the match ?, i very much doubt it. A lot of RL club’s have the attitude of “Do Nothing And They Will Still Come”. If that fails, then they will continue with the same thought process.
  16. Something about Featherstone Rovers and nobody liking them, but the Featherstone fan’s tell people “they don’t care” ?.
  17. I’m sorry this isn’t a gig but i didn’t know were to put it, but for the millions of Half Man Half Biscuit fan’s out there………Ok for the handful of HMHB fans out there, they are on Andy Kershaw’s latest podcast “Andy Kershaw Play’s Some Bloody Great Record’s”. They chatted in AK kitchen and they played a few tunes, it’s well worth a listen.
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