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  1. I wasn’t stirring anything up if you looked at what i read, i said i didn’t see any bother and the Fev fans we were talking too were really nice people. It was some Cas fans who said Fev were causing bother.
  2. We stopped off on our way home and i was talking to some Cas fans who were brilliant. But they said “a section of Fev fan’s were a disgrace in the ground and outside of it”, i told them “the Fev fan’s we chatted to before the game were excellent and they wanted us to win”. But they were adamant that some of the flat-cappers were plastered and ready to fight with anyone. Myself i don’t know if that is true, and im hoping it isnt after two great matches.
  3. I like Amor, he looked finished when “The Master of Disaster - Cunningham” was in charge. But all that changed when Holbrook arrived and he has played well every season. Not rampaging runs like Walmsley, but he makes steady yards and is always looking too offload. I don’t think Saints will give him another year, but i would myself. Apart from the silly penalty Batchelor gave away he really has come on this season and id try and tie him down for another couple of seasons. As for Fages, he can go.
  4. Roby is one amazing athlete, but i think he should call it a day at the end of the season.
  5. I’m sure if it had been the other way round, Cas would’ve gone for the kickable penalties as well. Then finish it off with a fantastic try in the last minute.
  6. They must’ve been using the same Witch Doctor that Cas used too get everyone fighting fit for the final. I don’t think a doctor, whether a witch or not would put a players health in jeopardy just for a game.
  7. What happened to all the singalongs with Brucie, Tarby, Cribbinsy, Glovery, Cliffy, they were meant to have been great. Jonny Vegas should’ve sang the National Anthem.
  8. I thought Moose that’s why you might’ve picked the name Moose because of them ?.
  9. Is Steve Ganson still at the RFL ?. What does he actually do, he would’ve been the last person id want to be the Big Cheese.
  10. Moose, “Moose” were a decent shoe-gazing band as well. The single “Suzanne” they did is a brilliant record.
  11. If i go and watch a band it’s small venues only for me. The Deaf Institute - Manchester, “Ritz - Manchester”, “Liverpool Arts Club” “Liverpool Academy” are the type of venues i’ll only go to. I don’t see the point in paying to see someone in a huge venue and you’re just looking at a dot.
  12. HMHB are my joint favourite band with The Wedding Present, but British Sea Power, The Lovely Eggs, Yo La Tengo, are not far behind. I was very fortunate that “a mate of a mate”, knew Nigel Blackwell, so i gave him all my cd sleeves, and some vinyl LP sleeves, and a HMHB gig poster(i didn’t want to push my luck too much) to my mate. He then got them all signed, although my gig poster came back a bit battered but i wasn’t going to complain.
  13. If someone asked me to pick my favourite Wedding Present song i don’t think i could do it.
  14. It is Bleep, great venue ive seen The Wedding Present, The Membranes, and Half Man Half Biscuit there and it’s still going strong.
  15. The Wedding Present are one of my all time favourite bands, last time i saw them was December 2019 i think. I know they’re playing at the Ritz manchester later this year(if it hasn’t been cancelled). They’re a band i never get bored of listening to.
  16. I’m hoping Woolf doesn’t stick to his usual dull tactics of plodding down the middle. We need to be getting the ball out wide as quickly as possible. Cas will have a big advantage in the hooking position because Roby has done ###### all with the ball this season.
  17. To take the pressure off the players in penalty shootouts, each side should be able to pick eleven supporters from there opposing fans. Each one has too wear a “it’s a knockout” costume when taking the penalties, so it takes away the stress of the situation.
  18. Beaumont is disappointed a Huddersfield player turned down the chance to join winless bottom club Leigh for the rest of the season. I’m with you Mr Beaumont why the hell did he say NO.
  19. He’s been watching too many David Icke & Alex Jones clips.
  20. Good to see Woolf is putting out a strong side, im not a fan of resting players.
  21. I always think of Long as the puppet off Spitting Image with the huge eye.
  22. You’re right JJ it’s health & safety gone mad, the RFL HQ finally showing a bit of interest in the player’s safety. It’s all these do-gooders and lefty’s. I can’t even say “im prowd 2 b Inglish an i get frone into jail”.
  23. I agree i don’t like seeing people go down like that, i would’ve played on. How often does Coote go down in a game pretending to be hurt ?.
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