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  1. What is Twitch ive never heard of it until now ?.
  2. I love Sonic Youth but sadly i never got to see them, although i have seen Thurston Moore a couple of time’s. even though i am a big fan of Sonic Youth some of their LP’s are for me dreadful. It sounds as if they have given their instruments to some apes for an hour and they’ve said “whatever tune the apes make with the instruments we’ll make that our next album”.
  3. It looks like WAFC have avoided the drop with their win against Crewe, Yo Yo Northampton looked doomed and it looks all over for Joey Barton’s Gas. A great win for Grimsby against Bolton who really will be kicking themselves with that loss against the Mariners. As for the National League it’s a battle between Hartlepool, Sutton, Torquay for first place. But are Sutton willing to dig up their 4g pitch too move into Lge2 if they go up, is it worth it financially if they’re only up one season.
  4. I listened to the HKR game on BBC Radio Humberside “WWW” and i was surprised with Sezer missing the goals, he obviously isn’t match fit. Coote is the same for Saints he’s definitely not 100% yet, if only we had “A Team” RL so they could have a run out.
  5. Not the best performance, with the 1st half being dire by Saints. But full credit to Wakey in the first 40mins, and Westerman had a good game. But the second half was one sided, Mako’s goal kicking is excellent. Finally Adrian Morley was a brilliant RL player, but a co-commentator (or whatever they call them) he is not. He is dreadful.
  6. I think Nigel Blackwell is the only Tranmere fan in the band Johnoco(but i could be wrong). I’ve seen them a good few time’s now and they are excellent to watch and Mr NB is very dry and funny. I think after every gig they drive back home instead of staying in an hotel(but then again that may not be true).
  7. I opted for BBC Radio Leeds over BBC Radio Manchester. Bloody hell Francis Cummings what a dull repetitive voiczzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  8. I only found out tonight by trying to get the game on my Smart TV and the BBC App that you can no longer listen to the games anymore.
  9. You’re right about Alternative Bands mostly appearing in the early hours of the morning on a TV show. I always remember the brilliant “Half Man Half Biscuit” appearing “Danny Kelly’s - Under The Moon”. I used to enjoy that show but i always taped it. They (HMHB) never appeared on TOTP’s but i don’t think they would’ve wanted to go on it anyway.
  10. Did they do much singing in Austin’s novel’s (up). I’m glad The Sundays remained largely unknown or virtually nonexistent to the tv audience.
  11. Blimey Futtocks i don’t know how you managed to find that. I have just watched the whole 18mins of the thrilling FA Cup matches he did. It was a mate when i was a little lad who had the Logacta, there are so many dices and different things he has to do. I don’t think i’ll watch him do the whole of a premier season, although if it helps me nod off tonight i might listen to the thrills and spills. myself i preferred the League Ladders from (Shoot) i think it was and then you could make your own league’s up. as we’re on about football it looks as if Wigan Athletic could pull off a great escape while Sunderland bottle it. As for John Sheridan and Swindon Town i still can’t believe Swindon made him their manager. I do wonder how some of these managers keep being offered jobs, like Sheridan & Mark Hughes. But what a Job Jimmy Floyd Hasslebaink has done at Burton, and what has happened to Doncaster Rovers.
  12. Ive never watched Line of Duty, and Blue Peter made Tracy Island, and they cooked meals, “I don’t normally like tomatoes John but this is delicious”. Is that what you’re saying the official’s did” ?.
  13. With Football Manager have you got to spend more time sorting out the players training regime etc etc. I think that was the reason i stopped playing the game, along with spending far too long on it. Does anyone remember before the football manager game’s on computer the dice game “Logacta Football”, which required a fair bit of writing and lots of dice ?.
  14. I did enjoy the old Championship Manager with not as much on it as the new games. But i haven’t played Football Manager for years, but when i was playing it it did take over my life a bit. I would disappear for hours and the girlfriend would shout “are you still on that ###### football”. So id say to here “listen whilst you are watching your ######, im going to try and steer Leigh RMI out of the conference league thank you v much”. At time’s id think id been on the game two hours but id been on it about 6hrs. The girlfriend used to say to me at times, “you do know you were talking in your sleep last night about a left defender and a central defender you want to sign”. I said to her “listen love these are the sacrifices you have to give up when your boyfriend is the manager of a football club. Why don’t you become a manager of a club as well”. Happy days
  15. Dr Johnson’s London - Coffee Houses & Climbing Boys, Medicine, Toothpaste & Gin, Poverty & Press-Gangs,Freakshows & Female Education by Liza Picard.
  16. I’ve not a clue how to put a song on here but i do love the music from the former band The Sundays, Harriet Wheeler had the most beautiful of voices.
  17. I’ll never call Ben Flower because he helped Saints lift the 2014 GF.
  18. That looked like a painful one, i was surprised he didn’t get a red.
  19. The light at the end of the tunnel, is the light of an oncoming train.
  20. Thanks for the info Saint 1. I can’t see Woolf going with 3 forwards and a back on the bench on Friday. Hopefully Smith will be back.
  21. I’ve just seen the stats from yesterday’s game and it said Fages & Dodd made Zero meters. Is that really possible to make no meters whatsoever. Could someone also please explain to me what is the difference between a clean break and a tackle bust cheers.
  22. I thought Leeds played really well considering the side they had out, if it had remained 13v13 it might’ve been a different result. I was really impressed with the young Leeds lad who scored their first try. As for Saints, it was clear Coote wasn’t match fit. Walmsley needs to be taught on how to bend his back and play the ruddy ball correctly. Bentley is a great player in defence but he offers very little in attack. Bar one great kick by Fages in the 2nd half which made Leeds turn round and start from near their own line he was nonexistent in attack and his kicking game is pish. We had a young lad on the bench in Dodd who is supposedly a promising 7, yet when Roby went off he moved Dodd to hooker and kept Fages at scrum-half, Dodd will never be a hooker. Great hands by Naiqama for Makinson’s second try though. Right im off to watch Barnsley on EFL on Quest don’t tell me the result.
  23. It was quite clear Coote wasn’t match fit, if only we had a reserve competition
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