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  1. I agree with all of that Fevrover bar the last four words. Although id be willing to give up Saints winning the GF if it meant Australia don’t get to the RLWC Final.
  2. Football & Credibility. I don’t see them going together either. But it doesn’t seem to affect football fans with all the poor decisions & diving that happens in their sport. Id imagine out of the 37,000 Leeds Utd fans that turn out every other week, not many have said “im done with football, it’s the Leeds Rhinos for me and my lad next season”. Next year the Rhinos attendances will be pulling in the same gates as SRD, as they would have all jumped ship and gone watching the peacocks .
  3. Wouldn’t he have fixed it so Saints won the challenge cup ?.
  4. I’ll be there and i’ll be shouting for Leeds.
  5. I haven’t got that mentally LA, so please don’t tar me with that Mr Slim, you WoolyBack.
  6. I’m a Saints fan and I’ll be cheering for Leeds whilst holding up a placard I Am Sorry Leeds
  7. All these Leeds fans packing in watching their RL club. How will the club be able to fill those two lovely new stands with fans if you’re not going anymore. Do you think the Fev club could get volunteers Fevrover, and dismantle one of their stands and put it on one of the touchlines at Fev. They did a fantastic job with the Scarborough stands.
  8. David Icke has just been talking about the Morgan Knowles case and he said something about “Lizards, Scientology and the British Monarchy”.
  9. I couldn’t have put that better Chris22 as im a bit of a dumbo when it comes to writing stuff out like you have. But I too feel very uncomfortable with what’s gone on, and now we will at this moment in time be hated more than Philip Schofield. I hope he doesn’t turn up in a Saints kit at OT that’s all we need.
  10. I’m speechless about what has gone on MjM but i would never say the sport is rigged or corrupt, i could never stand in front of someone who is involved in RL played the game, officiated, a chairmen & directors and say to them they are corrupt or have rigged a match etc etc. But questions need to be asked and everyone involved in the sport needs to be told what is going on. I don’t watch the NRL but id guess they don’t get problems like this ?.
  11. Blimey you’ll stick with football, do you think Football is a sport that the RFL should look up to for fair play. All i hear from my football following friends is that the FA are not fit for purpose and are corrupt. Although i do have a nephew who is a big fan of the Belarusian Football League as he watches it on something or other and he follows Shakhtyor. He said everything is clean cut and aboveboard in their League, but i don’t know if he was being sarcastic.
  12. Ruddy hell that is embarrassing. When i go to the game on Saturday i will be going with my head hung down in shame like an actress leaving the divorce court, with a coat over my head.
  13. I’m glad he didn’t get his ban reduced, i would’ve been embarrassed. I’ve not spoken to any Saints fan (so far) who have said “he shouldn’t have been suspended”. Id imagine there will be some on the cesspit that is Facemuck & Twits and other sites(if there are any) who will be saying “the RFL are corrupt”. But you will never change their views because everything is against their club. They go to a game thinking their side has been robbed even before KO, and leave the ground thinking the same.
  14. I don’t even know why Saints bothered appealing what a waste of time, Knowles should’ve accepted his ban. I have zero sympathy for him.
  15. Don’t forget the colour of the Saints shirt Mr Haggis, that had the official’s on their side even before KO. The horrible bunch of Dick Dastardly’s.
  16. Knowles what a fool, his discipline has been shocking for the last few months. It wouldn’t bother me if the RFL increased his ban.
  17. I didn’t realise i had defended any club who in your eyes use rough house tactics. By the looks of it from your comment It’s the Salford Red Devils who are always the victims. Just imagine if you had followed in your grandads footsteps you’d be a lot happier now. Or would you, you might be blaming other clubs and their rough house tactics and how Sky and Phil Clarke hate Saints.
  18. Ah so you wasn’t one of the bitter ###### Salford fans i was talking to yesterday. Or the one who threw the smoke bomb on the pitch. I hope you get over covid and i hope SRD’s continue to play exciting RL in 2023. But Just as important is the public of Salford turning up more regularly. Do you think SRD built on the GF you made Vs Saints, and do you think the club will be able to build on this season.
  19. Was it you making your way into St Helens town centre with three mates yesterday Mr Haggis. I was talking with Salford fans, who were ###### off and plastered. But what made me laugh at one of them was his comment on how they (Salford) was robbed of winning the challenge cup final against Leeds because they(Leeds) are cheating t**** just like the other big clubs like you cheating scouse b******* (Saints), and Wigan, Wire”. He went on “those clubs are killing the game as are the officials who don’t like clubs like us(Salford) and they don’t want Salford in a final”. I thought Blimey why are you bringing up Leeds and a final that must’ve been played at least three or four years ago in your rant. I hope he wasn’t as bitter today when he got up as he was yesterday afternoon.
  20. The Salford fans were excellent today, apart from the idiot who threw a Pyro onto the pitch. I just don’t understand why anybody would want to do such a thing.
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