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  1. I totally agree with that GS and i am one of those negative fans. I do have to admit Saints fans can soon turn on their side, a gang of lads were stood behind me against Toulouse a couple of weeks back and they booed Saints off at HT. But i like to think im not like the majority of Saints fans or any RL fan that follows a club who seem to go to every match with the idea that the RFL and officials are corrupt and have got it in for their club. I get told that i hate Saints and i want them too lose because i am not screaming that an opponent should be sent off for a high tackle around the belly of a Saints player.
  2. It’s taken you all season to notice that. Saints have been average for most of the games since we lost Dodd bar the odd exception. Today our defence won us the game because in attack it was poor at times, with the five drives down the middle a drop off pass and then try and power over. It can be dull, but in these one off games it does the job. Next week Leeds will be more aware of the Lomax grubber, Saints need too offer more than that. Salford are a great side to watch and their second try was a cracker. It was also great seeing so many Salford fans there, i hope the Salford public start backing them because they deserve it.
  3. #NoWonderFansHaveStoppedWatchingRL #ImDoneWithRL #ItsAllSkysFault #RefsOnlyLikeTheBigClubs #TheGamesDead #TheRefsLuvTheSaintsColours #TheRefWillGiveSaints&LeedsEverythingOnSaturday
  4. At least Myler called the official sir. Great try from Marshall, Wigan have always had fantastic wingers.
  5. I do expect us to lose, i just think Salford offer more in the centres and on the wings. Percival if fit won’t be match fit, Hurrell never looks fit. Walmsley will be a huge miss. I love a bit of Cohen.
  6. Id sooner pay my £18 and watch the game on the terraces and worry about winter in a couple of months.
  7. Please no Davies he is bog standard at best, i don’t know what this obsession is with Woolf picking him. He’s rubbish at centre but in the halves you may as well get a mannequin plant it in the middle of the pitch and leave it there as it will offer more than Davies. No Hopoate again he has had no luck with injuries.
  8. It doesn’t look good for The Iron - Scunthorpe Utd. A takeover deal has fallen through and they’re in danger of going in to administration. If they were deducted points i think they’d struggle to avoid the drop.
  9. Salford by 10 to 14pts, they’re 13-5 to win with Betfred and are well worth a bet. It’s in the backs were Salford hold the advantage with their pace. We haven’t a clue what is happening at Saints nobody knows whose fit or who isn’t. Saints have been rubbish at keeping the fans up to date with the injury situations, we have been told since round one that players have only got a little niggle but have trained the house down and they’ll be back for the next round. Only for them too disappear for wks.
  10. I think you must always have a biscuit or chocolate with a cuppa. I love a cup of tea with toast.
  11. Big blow for Saints & England, i still think if he had have played on Saturday it wouldnt have made a difference. Salford will be too good for Saints out wide.
  12. Tea by far, i always think the first of the day is the nicest. I like my tea weak though and mad hot and i have to drink it straight away.
  13. One of my granddaughters went to the England women’s game last week(or the week before) when they won 10-0. She said “it was good because she went with her friends from school. But not as entertaining as the Saints match i took her to watch”. Yes get it Me&RL 1 - 0 Football.
  14. I think Salford will beat Saints next Saturday. If Percy, Hopoate, Mata’utia do play they’ll not be match fit, but if they don’t play them then i fear Davies & Matautia will be playing out wide which doesn’t fill me up with much hope because we lack pace. As for kicks in general play that is another area were we will struggle, Saints kicking game is awful. It should be an exciting game and im looking forward to it. If we win I’ll be over the moon, if we lose i will be devastated, but with Salford being the most entertaining side too watch in 2022 id like like to see them lift the GF.
  15. Huddersfield lack pace out wide, Fages despite being a fantastic tackler is not someone i expect to change a game.
  16. I thought it was a great win for Leeds. Catalans looked shattered and gasping for large parts of the game, they just didn’t really click all night. What they need to sort out is their discipline, it seemed the last thing on their mind was playing RL.
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