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  1. Cool, then let's just have all 45 teams in the rankings play at the league world cup. Australia could be in a group with Denmark, Morocco and Turkey. New Zealand vs Latvia would really bring the fans.
  2. I'm making an argument for quality over quantity. The best world cup of the last 20 years was easily 2008. League isn't where union is yet. It's not a global sport yet. So we should have a strong, highly competitive tournament. Maybe 12 teams. The World Cup this year will have at least 4 teams that don't add anything.
  3. Well they're about to expand the FIFA World Cup even more to about 40 or 48 teams. Will ruin the standard of play and add nothing. Quality over quantity. Right now the FIFA World Cup has 32 great teams and is an awesome tournament. And teams like the USA are just a bunch of aussies and poms with american grandparents.
  4. Yeah, could be sort of like the 2017 World Cup. The problem with 2017 was too many one sided games. will be the same in 2021. We don’t need teams like USA, Jamaica, Greece etc
  5. Since the World Cup is in England in 2021 should be in Oceania in 2025. Wouldn’t work in USA & Canada as there is no fanbase. The best option would probably be New Zealand as the main host with some games in PNG and maybe even Fiji
  6. Nah, the World Cup should alternate between Europe and Oceania. It should only be in places with a fan base. I would say host it in New Zealand in 2025 with a few games in PNG
  7. 16 teams is way too much for RLWC. We’re biting off more than we can chew. The World Cup needs to be a high-quality competitive event. Id prefer 12 teams, 3 Groups of 4. You’d have AUS, NZL, TNG, FIJ, PNG, SAM, ENG, FRA, SCO, WAL, IRE, Lebanon. Would make for a much better/more memorable event.
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