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  1. I think you will find that the Master Mind behind Toronto's rise, has already created a club in Cornwall, and it's doing very well isn't it??
  2. They didn't. The Wolfpack gave out free tickets like confetti, and put on a Beer festival alongside the game, and left the gate open so people could come and go as they please. Visiting fans often commentated on this, but what was not to like, the club tried everything to build interest. That included a winning team that trod on Leigh's toes to get to Superleague (there's always something that stuff's Leigh's ambitions) but the problem was the Salary cap and recruitment. Here we had a Billionaire owner ready to become big in Superleague, but could not use those Billions, and could not find the players apart from the Marquee signing.
  3. Of course they won't, unless they are one of the chosen few "A" graders which include erm "Warrington"
  4. The soccer off season?? Are you suggesting soccer fans switch to Rugby League during the summer?? Blimey, if that was the case Leeds Rhinos and Wakefield Wildcats would sell out all summer
  5. Salford got great facilities, Salford started getting success on the pitch, but their problem is Manchester United and Manchester City which you entirely miss. Shows your ignorance........
  6. On that basis that you set out, then why do all the SL clubs have a Budget figure for marketing that they stick to. I think it's awfully simplistic to believe there is a whole sporting audience out there that have not thought about going to their local RL club. Bradford Bulls had a slick marketing strategy, how come then they went on to lose 10,000 off their gates ?
  7. Your post offers the idea marketing brings in the fans and more. It doesn't face the reality that an optomistic marketing push can cost thousands, but may actually only generate hundreds. I recall when Widnes could sell out a game, I was there, but Wire at the time found it hard to top 4K...... Maybe your own club had some reason in those days not to pump £thousands into Marketing?? If Widnes could sell out then then why are not selling out now?...........
  8. All the professional clubs do marketing, of course they do. The best are reportedly Leeds, so all other SL clubs can look to pick up on how they do it to get the best return on their Marketing budget. Clubs will share successful initiatives as they all want to fill each others grounds. Obviously there are regular supporters and supporters who may need that "enticement" to actually go to a game. Obviously clubs will run initiatives to attract more support, but the bottom line is this costs money to the club and if an initiative scheme pulls in 200 more ticket sales then great....... Unless the value of those extra sales doesn't cover the cost of the initiative in the first place. So maybe Leeds put mobile adverts for an upcoming game on the main roads into Leeds at a cost of £5,000, and the result is they sell £3,000 worth of more tickets to the game........ It's a loss..... IMG don't have a clue as regards Marketing Rugby League. Hetherington knows how to best do it as he and his his team has had years of actually doing it, and of course clubs will regularly speak to each other and share initiatives............ This is why Superleague will not pay IMG up front unless they come up with something new and lucrative This is also probably why IMG have "left the room"
  9. Yes of course, and it would be nice if you could get to the Championship and compete with them all especially Broncos...
  10. "A" mechanism for avoiding any risk of being relegated perhaps?
  11. How dare you challenge the genius that is IMG with this "C" grade post. As unpaid, here today gone until easter consultants, they surely have more knowledge of the game than your decades of close involvement..........
  12. We have had a club in London for decades. Manchester are down from three to two clubs but they are there. Big cities like Leeds and Sheffield also have Pro clubs. Coventry once had a club and we took an international game with the Aussies there a few years back. Hundreds of local kids went and they flew flags, "but afterwards all went back to their union clubs" Newcastle had a team in the Thirties and they have one now. Cardiff had a club in modern times, during the expansion years. Aren't the All Golds Bristol's RL club? Liverpool had three RL clubs at times over the years, and now it's a short drive from Liverpool to St Helens. Nottingham has had a team in the league in modern times. Haven't we had a club in Northampton? Does he not get it all this has been tried and either union become the predominant local code or League become the predominant local code. We had a Billionaire owner of a club in Canada but that didn't work out and he's still a Billionaire. We need the money to expand, and tons of it but we importantly also need the culture, and that is just how it is. Come on you Leopards
  13. The "player pool" issue is a problem in that all three codes have suffered from young community players abandoning their chosen (often by their parents) game. What you miss is that the Superleague clubs have run "Foundations" backed by sky money that mix charitable community work with introducing kids to the game, for some years now. SKY money is now decreasing so staffing the Foundations maybe a problem. I would be quite sure the IMG suits won't be donning their tracksuits any time now...........
  14. Do come back and give us a few .................
  15. It is what it is. The "region" is quality clubs in two rival counties linked by a very convenient motorway, clubs have their "derbies" games are well attended and they have local business backers..... If you think there is any chance of that ever being any different then look at the history of the game and what? 60 clubs trying to change things from 1896 to now, but inevitably falling foul to Union. The region is clearly it's strength. What would you have the game do?
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