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  1. Good point, but wasn't that a Superleague decision? This is an RFL decision? Whichever way, this is for me is one rule for part time clubs and another rule for full time clubs. Fundamentally unfair??
  2. This really made me think that in the end Mr. Hughes pays heavily for London to be a professional RL club. Is it something like £40 Million to date he has spent?. I can understand supporters wishing to be consulted more and included more but at the end of the day does Mr. Hughes run the London Broncos simply for Mr. Hughes? TBF he does pride himself on the running of a London academy academy. So London is a solvent professional club based in London developing London based players (which will ingratiate him with the RFL & SL) but as for London fans, maybe Mr. Hughes view is nice i
  3. Thanks Paul & Tommy and Rupert - it seems the major trend away from playing sports may have hampered any idea we could get people playing Rugby league in new areas in enough numbers to support a professional RL squad. Mergers may have been a way to put more eggs into less baskets but that had to cut through the tribal loyalty of the existing fans, It begged the question would mergers have brought in more fans overall or dissapointed and lost us existing fans?
  4. Apologies for dragging this up again but I haven't had the time to post and would like to say that if Leigh have a very committed rich owner, and very modern stadium and are going to run a first class academy then this looks great to me. The more clubs who can operate in good stadiums with player development and sound financial backing the better we are. Relegation is likely I know but they only had weeks to prepare. I hope they do well......
  5. Do you think so? Wasnt the aim to expand the competition to London and France? I know Paris failed, but haven't Les Catalans and Toulouse succeeded and London still have the ability to play Superleague. If losing amateur clubs is a sign of failure Soccer has lost far more than perhaps we ever had? Thoughts?
  6. I agree with you to a point but I think winning Superleague i.e. grand, final takes more than Money. The few that have won it are clubs who have big followings, strong squads due to their towns producing great young players in numbers, to go with expensive buy in's. These clubs have been very long established in the game. However Imagine the east to west M62 of Superleague clubs being crossed by a north to south contingent from Newcastle to London on the M1, then through the channel tunnel down to Toulouse and finally Perpignan. This could not then be accused of being parochial by any mea
  7. Thank you very much for the information and the considered view. It's pot luck who get's almost gifted a stadium and who may struggle in the face of resistance or lack of finance. Not fair to bash Wakey who were IIRC cheated at Newmarket and told by the council they could not help Wakey and not equally help Cas (did you see this as fair or unfair, I can't tell from your post?). I think it will be brilliant to have another modern stadia in SL and I think it will boost gates which seems to have happened at other clubs who have got modern facilities?. Look forward to it.....
  8. I don't think they do it for the heck of it! It's always dissapointing when our top people can't make any progress, so maybe people who love the game are just frustrated and letting off some steam on here. It was the SL bosses who organised for someone to go looking for private equity in the run up to the SKY deal. I suppose we can say that Elstone who had long talks with several potential PE companies was successful in showing the SL bosses that the game doesn't have the potential to expand and make big money (that grows the game and pays the privaye equity people interest) in doing so.
  9. Absolutely Damian, it's a great opportunity for them, and we benefit from loads of Aussies coming this way. The idea of much closer ties with the NRL in the other thread makes great sense. Isolating ourselves doesn't.
  10. I personally would not dismiss this. The two games are heavily linked by the way in which our game takes the Aussies surplus players who can stay playing at a decent level, their bad boys whilst they serve their bans and learn to behave, their stars who are too old for NRL but OK for here, and those up and coming Aussie lads who fancy some time abroad. In turn they like to take our best players. There really must be a value for the NRL in ensuring these links are maintained. Same for Aussie.v.Great Britain, they may not be that interested but the NRL would not like to lose the big Internationa
  11. Just for info given the questions above, the owner of both Newcastle rugby clubs is a Jordanian property developer who is very wealthy. He probably likes Rugby full stop. He is called Semore Kurdi. Newcastle RU struggled and he rescued them, but they still seem to struggle and they are of course very many miles away from pro-RU land. I don't know exactly Mr. Kurdi's ambitions but maybe running two clubs in the one stadia has a financial advantage? Maybe switching from Union to League only at some point may suit Mr. Kurdi hence he's doing all the junior development etc. I do hope this
  12. Yeh I appreciate that mate. But as it works now we are funding championship clubs to be mostly part time. The SKY money offered appears to be enough to give the SL clubs what they get now and the Championship clubs some money -but nothing like they got from this SKY deal (if any at all).
  13. The academy closed at Salford and stayed closed because no wealthy backer came in. It was shut possibly on the basis it wasn't productive. I am not sure how much junior RL there is in salford, certainly nowhere near the amount in Castleford, Fev and Wakey which feeds two academies. If there is P & R where the club going up has to have an academy it cant work - that promoted club could easily go back down eithin a year. If it was licensing you could insist on an academy but what is the point of two in Hull? What do you think??
  14. 2022 is when the new deal starts and I read that it would be maybe £28-30M a year all going to Superleague to decide what to do with it Hela's right we fund 36 clubs now, but not in 2022. If the Championship and league one clubs end up in dire straits then I could see 12 clubs being picked for the Championship and the third tier closing?
  15. After this coming season it appears that SKY will pay £28-£30 million a year for Superleague. The article I read was from the end of January and said "It is believed the new deal with SKY will not include rights to the championship and League one". That seems to me it will give SL clubs more money and the rest nothing. This means many clubs will lose all their funding, so I am not sure that league One has any chance of surviving past this season? What would the point be?
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