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  1. As it stands isn't the success rate something like only one young player out of every 100 and more ever makes it to professional status. So open up more academies and only one young player out of every 200 and more will ever make it. It's about quality not quantity and the best kids need to play the best kids to develop. Then given that the NRL have a surplus of "ready made" senior players good enough to play Superleague and Championship, then clubs have to favour them as they have the skills to compete in SL and the championship and entertain the crowds.
  2. There's no need to have a go like that. I've attended a number of Skolars games up here in t'north but so what? The fact is that these clubs are not making any progress towards becoming competitive, and the ones that still survive expand nothing but travel distances/costs. Their struggles are sadly worsening. I of course wish it was not so. Will they get any money from the next SKY deal?? I've read this:- "Under this proposed deal, the 25 second and third tier semi-professional clubs could receive little to no TV broadcast income from Sky from 2022 onwards. One club told i that if their funding is slashed by such a large figure that it could kill off many lower league clubs completely". Are the Skolars recruiting yet?? Give us your expertise??
  3. I don't think anyone is attacking Skolars here. Yes the club has been a great back up to the Broncos, yes the club have been great with junior player development, and I believe their chairman has provided the "significant support and investment" But look here..... 25 years on – London Skolars founder Hector McNeil explains why he’s stepping away – TotalRL.com | Rugby League Express | Rugby League World It also appears that all skolars best players have now been signed by the Broncos. Again there is nothing to "defend" at all but there is something major going on and it's fair enough to discuss it.
  4. It isn't easy at all and it's not a debate to just call the points I make "Nonsense". This was Ralph Rimmers take on league one. "There is an expectation on all clubs in the professional game to offer a clear strategy that demonstrates their plans to help grow and strengthen the sport in future years. "Oxford and Gloucester have come to the conclusion that the best way for them to now move forward is by creating a new club in Bristol that is backed by significant support and investment. "The RFL board has accepted this and is looking forward to seeing further detailed plans for the new club in due course." Due course didn't happen and I assume that there wasn't the "significant support and investment" for Bristol to be accepted. Is there significant support and investment at Cornwall?, is there significant support and investment at West Wales??? If there isn't then by Rimmers own words they aren't for him.......
  5. One way or another three of the clubs are no more, Coventry have had to move away, Skolars continue to struggle (haven't London Broncos just taken a number of their best players?) and West Wales are being berated as not meeting standards on this very topic.......... So it isn't "nonsense" at all is it?. Wishful thinking is all well and good but none of these clubs including Cornwall are really developing into or towards ever being true professional standard, or a decent semi pro standard either. You perhaps need to analyse where clubs like West Wales really are in the scheme of things, maybe compare their status against some of the top amateur teams? They probably don't come anywhere near any of them either?? So what so you think it is all about?? Is it really "expansion"?? What progress do you see at London Skolars after 27 years?? .............
  6. The only way any "potential" can be realised in Wales is with a very rich owner who joins in with a Welsh RL club for the long term. That means another Semor Kurdi and a huge Newcastle type investment. Good luck with that happening!! The reason that the third "professional tier" exists probably has nothing to do with real expansion or professionalism at all. That probably stopped being it's remit when such as Gloucester and Hemel? were chucked out and Bristol were refused entry. If we look at the three divisions what we see is many traditional clubs with a long history. What the third tier does is give established northern clubs clubs who once were successful like Keighley, Doncaster, Hunslet, Swinton, Oldham and Rochdale somewhere to play at a level they can compete at if there isn't the room in the Championship. By all means introduce minimum standards to try to force West Wales Coventry and Skolars to up their game, but in reality that isn't going to happen as they are simply not capable of it. They would fold. And then what would we do with the seven clubs left??? I would be sure that most Championship clubs would not want the struggling Northern clubs in with them let alone the likes of Coventry, Wests, Skolars (and Cornwall). If the latter four were thrown out I could see northern clubs being thrown out with them....and not up into the Championship........
  7. Derek Beaumont and Marwan Koukash don't seem to have any problems in terms of having the funds to put a very strong and extensive squad together than can dominate the Championship and still have the funds to buy mid season if a crisis did arise??
  8. I'd agree with that, there's this daft idea that because Leeds (or saints) are a top side then Fev (or Leigh) will be getting access to top players. Some of the Leeds players Fev have had in past years, were not good enough for Superleague, and some were returning from injury, and also how can players gel as a team anyway if they aren't playing regularly as team mates? Now I understand that as Fev don't have much money they may feel this is the most affordable way to get the best in the circumstances, team out on the pitch every week. But Leigh happen to have two Millionaires behind them whom appear to be worried that some fringe Leeds lads are going to pinch the promotion spot and hand it to Fev. For me it's an advantage to have a settled squad of quality players, all focussed on playing for Leigh and winning that promotion spot, over a rivals thin squad bulked out by spare, or out of form or returning from injury players from another club who aren't there to win the league....... I'd like to see Degs and Marwan build a proper Leigh side and back it.......
  9. For me Blackpool was a soccer town, the soccer club was big early post second world war. I always felt Blackpool Borough were always on the coat tails of Wigan, trying to mop up their spare talent, indeed they left Blackpool to become a second Wigan club. Here are comments from a Blackpool fan a few years back........ Springfield Borough played at Wigan Athletic's Springfield Park, hence the Springfield part of the name. They had played as Blackpool Borough from their admission to the Rugby League in 1954 until a combination of factors forced them to leave the seaside in 1987 and they relocated to Wigan. History repeated itself and they were forced to leave Springfield Park. They relocated again to Victory Park, Chorley and played as Chorley Borough for a season before unbelievably moving again to Altrincham as Trafford Borough. An offshoot of the original Chorley club stayed behind, however, continuing the Chorley Borough name until they were kicked out of the professional game altogether. To complicate it even more, there was a later reincarnation as Lancashire Lynx playing at Preston North End's Deepdale ground and even later as Blackpool Gladiators, playing, I think, at Fylde RU for a while. They went out of the game for the last time early in the 2000s but, believe it or not, there was a meeting recently (N.B. a few years ago now) with a view to forming a new professional club in Blackpool!!
  10. Yes indeed it is a strict government policy not to push British sportsmen aside for overseas players just for individual clubs to try to better their results on the field. It applies to all sports and a full run down of the rules is on You Gov. The purpose of a Championship one has always had an element of "expansion" to it and Cornwall is such expansion and looking to develop Cornish sportspersons into RL players is the admirable aim. Top class overseas stars are another subject altogether.................
  11. Well didn't the big two seasons Salford had, include and benefit greatly from the talents of Jackson Hastings and Ian Watson???? Didn't Wigan offer the excellent on field leader Hastings more money to go there and didn't Ian Watson also get poached as well by Huddersfield for more money? Corrections and other people's thoughts most welcome but as hard as Salford have tried they have been victims of richer clubs being able to cherry pick them. I feel sorry for Salford, and I feel they have done great things without just chucking money about, but in the end the ££££££££'s talk. Those old enough will recall it can work both ways. Rich Salford owner Brian Snape spent plenty on Unions finest especially David Watkins, and Leagues finest taking Steve Nash from Featherstone... Salford's "momentum" was powered by Watson and Hastings...... The "momentum" may now turn to Koukash and Beaumont, and that's just how these things go............
  12. The reality was South Wales were denied an SL place because they could "only" put up a £1Million guarantee, Their stint in the Championship saw them do OK on the pitch but they didn't get the support of the fans attracting only a 1,300 average, and that £Million was all quickly spent. The "expansion" place then went to Gateshead who could meet the required bond, and they went on to win most of their Super League games with 4.000 crowds but still lost a whopping £700,000 by the end of their first season and threw in the towel. There have been no "opportunities missed" none of these expansion sides have ever had adequate backing except Newcastle. Newcastle have not "built slowly and solidly", Semor Kurdi has thrown away £Millions on them just to become an average Championship side. The realty about expansion is it is not self financing, it needs many £££Millions throwing at it over many years . If you are a well supported heartlands club you too will also struggle unless you too have a rich owner putting £Millions in. North Wales have no chance, their task is pure survival as is Cornwall's. Look how much Hughes has put into London and for how long to get where exactly??
  13. Very well said, thing's are now looking pretty good, since we feared the SKY money cut was going to badly affect the professional game.....
  14. Blackpool Boroughs Tangerine shirt, with white & black was always a major choice.
  15. Great posting as usual. But don't forget that this also applies to M62 clubs. Wealthy Benefactors walk away and such as Widnes then go in a downward spiral. That tends to not be as damaging if a decent loyal fanbase remains and other parties want to take up some level of investment. That's more likely in the north. The north is where there's a player pool as well, away from the M62 Rugby Union generally has things sewn up. If any geographical expansion club wants a blueprint try London Broncos who generally have managed to maintain the club by having someone who will shovel the money in and isn't bothered by whether there's any fans or not, but does recognise the need to develop players and has a long(ish) record of doing so now. The Celtic Crusaders club could have been pretty big by now if wealthy private ownership had continued and the other advantage there was RL was not new to south wales. So the question for Cornwall is who exactly is bankrolling them, to what extent and for how long is their commitment??
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