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  1. Imagine if England still couldn’t win the thing with Australia and Nz fielding expat teams. I’m already expecting to be knocked out before the final but for an expat team to win it, May as well throw the towel in
  2. We had a successful World Cup a few years back and nothing changed. Why would this be any different? Will merely paper over the cracks again.....
  3. RLWC. By an absolute country mile. Don’t care if the football team win a throw in, let alone the competition. Mon the Scotland!
  4. Pretty much every Origin team from the last 15 years beats every England team from the last 15 years sadly. And I include the NSW team that lost 8 series in a row. The Aussies are just better than us in every department. Sad but in my opinion true.
  5. Having spent many years in Australia, Origin is no doubt seen as the pinnacle over there. A look at the attendances of it verses the international games in Australia tells you all you need to know. Australia is very insular in my opinion when it comes to rugby league despite pundits/presenters like Matty john’s talking up the need for a strong international game, I fear the attitude in Australia is a long way from changing. Nrl and origin will always be the main concern. Perhaps we need to just accept that and play our own cards accordingly.
  6. Looks like really good stuff from what I can see. All I was hoping for. Nothing I love more than kicking around with a ###### Romanian car brand emblazoned all over me.
  7. I think if he plays origin then that means he switches allegiance to Australia does it not? I may well be wrong on that as the rules seem to change regularly. Was talk of allowing pacific island rep players in origin a couple of months ago but not sure what came of it.
  8. With the Keary injury I’d say there’s a half’s squad spot available. If Jarome luai plays origin and impresses he might be in the conversation. Walker depending how he continues to develop may be ready. The way Canberra are going will not do eight on any favours unless he can be the architect of a monumental reversal in form. Sadly, he’s probably not far wrong.
  9. Sadly that has been used on a couple of occasions over the past year so that’s not going to wash this time!
  10. Does anyone know if the game will be available on iPlayer on Saturday evening by 7 or 8pm? Misses has organised a full day of fun visits to friends houses (not fun, no fun at all) so won’t be able to watch live.
  11. Apparently there’s a load of Samoan eligible players happy to flip from Australia and Nz if parish gets the boot. They were saying on NRL 360 that parish doesn’t let the players express or celebrate their heritage, something which is really important over there. Selfishly, I hope parish stays as a strong roster of Samoan players plus the john’s brothers (love them or hate them they know what it takes to win, especially joey) and sonny Bill could derail England’s World Cup chalkenge before it gets going at st James park. I don’t think we will get past Tonga anyway, be it in the quarter or semi, but I suppose that’s a different conversation!
  12. It’s either a massive lizard or a tiny whale.
  13. I agree, this country isn’t a patch on Australia or NZ lifestyle wise. I spent about 5 years in Australia and a couple in NZ and could happily have stayed long term but family issues brought me home. It’s easy to judge others but you don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors.
  14. Easy to say, but the reality is often different.
  15. Surely you are on a wind up here? If so, you’ve hooked a lot of folk! if not, I think you need some sort of assessment or intervention!
  16. I’m absolutely fine with him playing for England. Like you say he has made the commitment. If he is the best halfback England have got (and personally I think he probably will be) then pick him.
  17. I thought it was only me who had noticed that. In my opinion the st George cross emblazoned all over is cringey and embarrassing.
  18. Looking at the halves in NRL and where West’s are headed at the moment, the chances of him getting SOO or Kangaroos call up look minuscule. The way England have got lads to switch from Scotland, Wales, Ireland etc. in the past, I don’t think we should be throwing stones in that particular glass house.
  19. I think myself and a mate paid £60 each for our 12 month watchnrl subscription. May as well go half’s as you are allowed to stream two devices at same time. In my opinion an absolute bargain for what you receive. Not only the matches but the entire fox sports rugby league offering (nrl360, Matty john’s show, the wrap etc.) plus loads of classic games and documentaries.
  20. When and where can I buy this Gerry Adams jersey?
  21. The night before the final the Wheelchair World Cup final is in Liverpool. Would be great to see a packed house for that. In my opinion a much better offering than a third place play off.
  22. It just sums this country up mate. Selfishness and the ‘I’m alright jack’ attitude that has seen us get to this stage, not just with Covid but society in general, is truly astonishing.
  23. Well you’ll have plenty of time to watch him on YouTube or listen on LBC when you are sat in your bedroom whilst the rest of us are out at the game or on holiday after having our vaccination. Enjoy
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