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  1. most of those tries on that side were either good kicks or a mess up, hardly structured plays breaking us down.
  2. On the back of announcing they are going part time next season I would imagine motivation to be a problem.
  3. Another club by name in trouble and homeless. No assets just a badge and that's probably owned by Sale RU too . Maybe the RFL will finally learn from its mistakes and allow a club in that owns assets ans can generate its own income.
  4. Tangata would fit in better at Fev wasted at Fax.
  5. wouldn’t mind Worthington back looked a handful at times today.
  6. I remember them coming around in the late 80s.
  7. That's all we need. 1 massive game from all our big guns!
  8. thought Dewsbury defended superbly at the begining if the second, especially following the first half drubbing.
  9. Giants fans... Protected species I believe. Are they 1/2 Sheffield by any chance?
  10. Does that include playing the same number of games to mount a fair challenge?
  11. They spent long enough in it being sad then.
  12. ######, there is a great difference between typing errors on a tiny keyboard and ignorance.
  13. Yes. Considering we are on the middle of a global Pandemic I do. TO we're happy enough in the French league. Anything that is negative towards Featherstone, as long as it is detrimental towards Featherstone then that's just fine.
  14. The RFL knew they wouldn't be playing a large amount of fixtures, any half brained individual would. How can it be fair to any team in our league. You only think differently because it suits your agenda.
  15. Double negative I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
  16. Doesn't make it right and it certainly isn't fair. They should of been excluded from the league while this is going off and played in their own domestic league.
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