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  1. Anyone due back from injury?
  2. Not as sparse as it was the week before at that ground you rent.
  3. Because we have always deflated to actual attendance in the past. 4.5k v. Leigh and Tolouse.
  4. Not as sad as coppys knee, Hardcastles hamstring, baily gills hamstring, jessy shoulder makes me.
  5. Must agree joey looks out of shape going to be another few weeks before we see the best of him, at the moment it looks like we are not sure how to use him near the line.
  6. Cuthbertsons best game, great hands in last 15 and a right shift up front today l.
  7. Preparing for promotion Robin, need to untangle ourselves.
  8. Did anyone watch the draw? The bag wasn't shook and was left gaping open for all Brown to see what was inside. He even looked down into it with each pick. Looked like it was organised by the Kremlin.
  9. Same as the goal that went straight through the middle but apparently missed! Poor second half.
  10. Can't be worse than ours. That's what some money needs to be spent on, hybrid pitch like Yorks.
  11. I'm a fev fan and I can see it Your blinkered. How many repeat sets for nothing? It's garbage.
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