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  1. T20, the short form of cricket is still longer than a game of league. 9s has a place, but I'm not sure its going to achieve what it's advocates say. League matches aren't too long they fit nicely in an evening if needed
  2. That's one of my favourite structures I've seen for a small world cup - I think a fairly balanced tournament is key for credibility. Though I'm not sure thw odd blowout is worth binning the smaller nations.
  3. How does 23 games work with 10 teams? Home and away for 10 sides is 18 games, 1 neutral would give 19...
  4. One thing I'd like to see is getting a super league team (probably Wigan or leeds) on a documentary like all or nothing. It's the kind of platform that would attract a different group of viewers.
  5. Worth remembering when you say the aj bell is the next step for sale that their preferred option was to build a new stadium in sale, which they couldn't get planning permission for. The aj bell isn't a bad stadium, but imo the problems with it stem from how difficult it is to get to by public transport. I've not been to Moor Lane, but if it's more accessible for Salford fans, it could be worth the downgrade in stadium. A worry is that salford haven't been able to afford the rent at the aj bell, and the proposed solution seems to include the council owning Moor Lane and Salford renting.
  6. The closest I've lived in is West Cumbria, but even then I feel football is more popular nowadays.
  7. Did it ever become clear how much rent Salford had forgiven by Salford City Council?
  8. Are there any amateur rugby league clubs left actually playing in the city of Manchester?
  9. Goal average used to work a similar way in football.
  10. I think if sale nuy the stadium theyd be very unlikely to want Salford out as it would be a tactical mistake. A lot of the political support for extending the tram to the aj bell is because of rugby league, the planned name for the stop is Salford reds iirc. Sale would be idiots to do something that would prevent them getting a transit line to their front door. I agree long term Salford becoming sales tenant could be worrying. Not out of malice, but out the the problems of being the 2nd tier tenant we've seen at several football gourds.
  11. Think sale has tended to average somewhere around 6500. I wasn't aware of the shuttle buses from the Trafford Centre. If that's still a thing now the tram stop is there that would make access a lot easier. Salford should try and do something similar.
  12. "plans for a new ground in Sale" I think this was the aim for sale but they would never have been able to get the planning permission. The plan to buy the current stadium would be a poor 2nd choice. The AJ bell just isn't in a good location. Imo in this country a sports ground needs to be accessible by public transport, people don't like driving to games. One thing I want to try when fans are allowed back is to see how long it would take me to walk from the new Trafford Centre tram stop. The stadium will be more viable for both salford and sale if the proposed tram extension that includes the stadium gets built.
  13. One thing I've always been interested in is where the one on one strip rule came from. Its been in place as long as I can remember, prior to the change referenced in this post. Was there a period where ripping the ball was completely banned?
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