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  1. Gaffer is away on Jollys so media are making up storys as we await the squad and coach updates prior to preseason starting next week. We had Wane lined up if we had stayed in SL - a huge contract I understand. These Emirati Princes like throwing cash about.
  2. Steve Knocker Norton, a very good player but well behind Reilly and Adams in his own era, and certainly behind Hanley, Farrell and Scunthorpe.
  3. That’s what happened with the two tens, once Leigh were cast adrift a couple of clubs changed their votes
  4. In my lifetime we went through being battered in the pack to having a poor set of backs - can we mix them up for a great team? The 2017 WC team has come the closest since '72 and If we had that class of Gregory, Schofield or Long in the halves and Newlove in the centre we would have won it imo.
  5. Hellewell is a solid workhorse who will tackle all day, will miss quite a few but works hard around ruck.( think he was our highest tackler and highest missed last season) Gee is not as active but hits harder and is dangerous on a short ball near the line. Hellewell looked good in our 2020 championship season
  6. Date has been set at 19th January to give business's plenty time to create a business plan.
  7. Top end Championship grafter with a great attitude imo - stuck his hand up all year when others didnt fancy it - wish him well except ...... Also very pleased with whats happening at Leigh, just announced we will be running PD and LD RL teams.
  8. Those players are 1. Nisbett 2. Hatton 3. Roberts 4. Wardle 5. Hitchcox* 6. Reynolds 7. Mellor 8. Sidlow 9. Smith 10. Ioane* 11. Stone* 12. Tomkins 13. Whitbread* 14 Chamberlain 15. Green 16. Jones * quota
  9. Much earlier than 50's, the name came from Leigh providing numerous comedians on the club circuit
  10. From rumours flying around town our BIG signings are yet to be announced, I also believe we will be spending more than we did in SL due to player availability.
  11. Great news on Mark and thats some pack we will be turning out. Like the youngsters announced in the backs so far with Nisbett (Saints), Hatton (Widnes) and Roberts (Swinton). Especially curious about Luis Roberts, Leigh Lad, who was at Salford - winger only 19/20, 6'4'' and 15 stone. Disappointed we missed on Holdroyd who went to Widnes. Plenty more signings this week and next being announced
  12. Looking at 2013 Carvell, Morley, Waterhouse, Harrison, Westwood, Hill and Cooper (if my memory serves ) is a pack that strikes fear - who does the recruiting?
  13. The salary cap allows the big clubs to pay the minimum amount to remain Big clubs. Once you add in club trained, marquee, squad size etc the big clubs probably double the spend of the smaller clubs whilst always attracting the best on reduced money.
  14. Get Bradford the helping hand they need into a 2 x 10 FT structure. A competitive Leeds v Bradford fixture is missed by the sport
  15. The potential problem is we are all probably too passionate, but we watch our clubs 20-30 times a year and England/GB 2/3 times every few years. We must have a logical set of goals to judge success on - but that would mean our over paid leaders become accountable and thats where our frustration lies as we contract and not expand My basic goals would be simple: 1. To expand RL income from a secure base, focus on North England plus London, and South France 2. To grow the FT player pool, and double schools competition 3. To continually grow the FT clubs in UK and France by going to 2x10 initially with bonds to be a member, reviewed every 2/3 years as clubs struggle or become ready 4. To win a World Cup - if the above are achieved this creates the opportunity for non heartland expansion
  16. See point 1. Hypocrisy is certainly a strong point for you.
  17. Maybe if you had a bit of common you would eventually realise a few things 1. Parents of the best kids will direct said kids to the best academy showing interest 2. Said kids will be looking for a FT pathway into RL as a career 3. Said kids would be looking to compete against the best Now if you ever grasp that then there is hope in the world
  18. The Bulls Cougars story is the same string but opposite ends. Maybe a cashed up Cougars could go FT again, that’s what’s great about 2x10 - you expand when able ie 10 and 12, 2x12 etc Let’s create an ambitious story to sell, let’s shout from the rooftops we are the dominate code in the North, let’s get every Northerner saying “is that RL when you said rugby?”
  19. Yet refused others the right to do so as it would potentially reduce the pool for them to pick from
  20. Aaron Smith now confirmed at Leigh on season loan from Saints.
  21. Leigh lad John, who played a single game for us, and scored, before being sent out on loan as he needed game time. Very disappointed we didn't go for him, assuming we didn't, as he has the step and pace that worry's defences
  22. They would be outside the 20 FT clubs - nobody is getting rid of the likes of Oldham, Keighley etc, indeed the hope must be that they build to become FT and expand the 20. We must offer something that Broadcasters want to pay the right money to show, sponsors wish to be associated with, fans want to pay to watch, Multi Millionaires want to be involved with and ultimately creates a player pool capable of winning a World Cup. Less than a decade ago clubs in what is today called the Championship got £50/60k central funding.
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