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  1. Can see it now ''Billy, I've got a free ticket for Mondays game, instead of spending that £20 buy me a pint and you can have it'' - Income slashed Lets get all the schools involved and ask parents/teachers to pay to get in at full whack, and tell the kids they are expected back in school the next day at 8.45am - what do you mean only 10 kids turned up. This really means loads more free tickets. Our wonderful RFL leaders really know how to grow income risk free, I heard the next one will be a deal with Bet Fred whereby 50% of any TV money from Sky will go on number 6 in the Grand National.
  2. Marketing is a sales tool to increase income/profits and is measured on return
  3. You have a decent chance May onwards and in school holidays, so about 8 per annum. At present a club could have 5 games at home for no income and be forced to sell cheap tickets
  4. Tell me your marketing strategy for this scenario: Its monday 1st Feb and whitehaven v York has been selected for tv, its pitch black at 6pm and the weather is -3C.
  5. We should not be taking this deal as it stands is the view of the people paying to watch championship clubs on this and other forums - lets see this vote of the 14 clubs in the Championship 2022
  6. i would play on any day at any time if the income was right - this deal simply does not provide the funds to take a gamble with reducing income even further for clubs
  7. Logical for the bigger club as they can promote the game by getting fans to watch locally and save money by not going. So as a fan of the biggest club in the pond that would be brilliant for my club, then you get a smaller club dependent on a chunk of away fans who could lose £100k pa min - I suppose I could take the luvv em I am all right approach as written in the SL manual
  8. I hope you are correct, I also tried to see the 5 restriction but couldnt find it. The answers given to the questions asked by this site are right from the book of politics, eg How much? It depends on various things, How many of the various things gives how much? The RFL will be working with clubs to ###### off ST holders by offering cheap tickets FFS, you build your brand on full price tickets and the RFL bargain basement mentality ruins all that in a second
  9. I assumed you knew ST holders get entry to home games, sorry for that assumption. Now the small print in the deal seems to say max 5 home games per season (5/13 - 38%) and Premier get the pick - I assume that Batley v Haven wont be first pick, therefore the Fev v Leigh, v Newcastle, v Fax, v York, v Bradford are more likely to be selected, dont you agree?
  10. If you are going to sell your soul the question is how much for? This deal makes the answer nothing or little - against a back drop of reduced income. A few folk are saying they intend to pay the subs - why not hold the deal on ice and ask people to sign up who want to pay for it. A month before confirm demand and what it means in financial terms to clubs
  11. That fans don’t buy season tickets due to 35% of home games being on the Monday evening, they then get out of the habit of funday Sundays and do something else. That sponsors don’t buy into Monday night corporate lash ups. That clubs shrink or die as a result this really is the poorest deal ever, if one of my Sales Managers brought this to me I would sack him
  12. Why? Especially if the clubs involved have agreed an alternate date ie 3pm Sunday
  13. You must be on the naughty list, go take a look at the clubs social media
  14. What if the stadium you rent can’t accommodate Monday night games?? Or the stadium you own can’t get staff to open on a Monday night ?? We may have a loop hole here
  15. Exactly!! This deal needs to be rejected by the fans for the sake of our clubs. They admitted Sunday evenings was the best time but something else took priority then - get emailing enquiries@premiersports.com and does anyone have mark fosters email at the rfl?
  16. You saw last nights update I gather - 8th November return to FT training, so you will be a happy clappy chappy these next few weeks
  17. This madness must not happen, clubs must say No
  18. The club will announce when ready. Let the dust settle on relegation, TO promotion and November will be fun
  19. small attention spans so needs releasing with Season Tickets
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