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  1. Our squad is very strong Blue Ox, its just about when it will be released to the fans - we will be outbidding a lot of SL teams for the lesser 'stars' ie SL regulars but not the top 6/7 earners and our spend will be a lot higher than a few SL clubs - which makes that possible. I understand we have been told promotion will happen next season, so 3 down if 2 x 10's.
  2. Did you read the conclusions of the independent review? Is absorbing facts really that difficult?
  3. French RU gets massive TV and council investment, it should be very easy to get a £4/5m tv deal for SL plus the huge lcal authority war chests used for sport eg recently a French council gave a RU club a 34000 seat stadium. Interesting that French RU top 2 divisions are FT with P&R but meet as 30 clubs, unlike SL and Championships - 2 x SL tens/twelves anyone
  4. Local sauce has informed me 1895 Sports subscriptions have been cancelled in WN7 alone in recent weeks
  5. A French TV deal is critical in a world of dropping UK subscriptions from fans not in SL
  6. They would have lost by 40 in the Mid 8’s and would have experienced all the issues we did during the regular season, although teams travelling to Toulouse would give them a bit more home advantage. every fan with a brain knows why the weren’t selected.
  7. The problem is most members on here wont have a clue what you mean, or that its reasonable not to know whats on the table for 2022 success
  8. all our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones left behind, RIP young man
  9. So far we have Whitbread Sidlow Stone and Tomkins confirmed in the pack, Fev will fall back on Leeds fringe again IMO
  10. So far confirmed Reynolds and Mellor at halves, Whitbread Stone Sidlow in the pack with Tomkins confirmed as signed. Hope we have sorted Ioane and have rumoured to have signed Hampshire - couldn’t agree terms with Flower. Believe we have 8 more signed but they will get released with ST launch
  11. Leigh and Fev T2, rest will fight for next 4 spots.
  12. The biggest challenge will be who will help if 3 clubs are going to be in SL2
  13. The African quarter is eye opening after getting lost, especially the Sunday market
  14. Due diligence injury happens, more so in the faster SL and more so when players are at the end of their careers and that TO pack is at the end of their careers, part of me wishes they had won the chalice and had the same squad they started with to prove my belief. The great thing to come out of this for us is that Derek realises others know far more about pro RL players than he does btw
  15. I doubt the championship has been so uncompetitive for quite a while, only 2 ever in it and one of them played less than half its games, hopefully next year is better with Newcastle going FT
  16. How many games did that ageing pack play, how many were tough games? If they had played a run of SL fixtures they would have been crippled with injury, Flower played about 40 mins all season for us and is younger than some mentioned. middle 8’s and they don’t go up, this season has been a farce and if it goes to 2 x 10 with 1 promoted after next year then 3 clubs are in SL2 - can’t wait to see what happens as panic sets in next year
  17. All things being equal - NO YCK with a big backer ripping it up in SL and YC playing non league football - YES
  18. Get used to it - we have to at Leigh, and we are treated worse than Cats ie MPG 2017
  19. They wouldnt though, for as poop as we were in some games and the fact we had no middles in most until the last few - we ended up with a decent pack that was far better than anything on show yesterday. Put simply we would have done a Wakefield 2015. The gap between divisions is huge, recruitment is key and we didnt find the players in the few weeks we had. So back down we go, stay FT spend £1.4m on the team and do it the only way that gives you a small chance again - ps we didnt spend £1.4m this season as we couldnt find the players
  20. David, if this was in the days of the middle 8's they wouldn't have been promoted. The challenge was to better SL and the Middle 8's where a great way of doing that. I wish them well in 2022, recruitment is vital but the Mayor will ensure they are funded and they have a few extra months to recruit. Wakey and Salford will be planning for the Championship or SL2 already
  21. It is very clear that if we had a middle 8's neither of those clubs would have won promotion. This is a great opportunity to expand SL and strengthen France as a national team - it must not be missed
  22. And Football is proof we do, the Aussie mindset is very different to that of the Brit, and the major team sports here all have it - there is a reason why! A true sensible all game approach is required and that may need another split to achieve, we cannot throw money at clubs whose sole ambition is survival but we cannot cast them adrift and continue to ignore participation and amateur rl
  23. So disenfranchising a large number of clubs will encourage their fans to spend a fortune supporting franchised big events with a one sport ethos they are excluded from The game spends too much time listening to fools like Wilkin etc and not bonafide entrepreneurs who understand what building a business requires
  24. John if you believe what you have written above you are clueless as to the needs of non SL clubs and typical of so many feeding from the RFL trough who will do owt for a freebie Income is what’s needed after the drop in funding and Monday night games will generate less than a Sunday 3pm for any fixture, add in clubs may lose their best fixtures and it become madness, unless of course we are talking hundreds of thousands which it appears we are not. This is worse than the Stobart deal
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