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  1. 3 teams were unbeaten in 2020 one won the application to help out SL. 2019 was dominated by TW, nobody with a brain was going to throw money at competing with them but somebody would come second. your system is backward and is licensing, in 2013 the Championship averaged 1100 when it had nothing to play for, it is now more than double that for a regular non covid season.
  2. The proposal is licensing without increasing the number of FT clubs. Those excluded must sell 4 seasons of nothing to fans and sponsors, and those outside SL know the impact that had last time Two FT tens ticks every box imaginable but fans still can’t see it, we have about 20 viable FT clubs so engage them by creating a true elite
  3. Please explain the cherry picking and how Leigh were not a strong club. I will help, an independent panel reviewed the tenders/applications. Leigh had a greater fan base than all bar Bradford, they had a greater credit rating, they had more cash in the bank, had the best facilities for Sky and the most likely to allow SL to fulfill its Sky contract
  4. Being brutal its highly likely Salford are still in SL because they haven't paid other bills, but spent on players. Eg the default on the cva and I understand they still don't pay the full rent to the council (please correct if this is no longer the case) Anyone know what the selling price is for the stadium?
  5. We haven't called a game off all season so we need to get one in before relegation, it's the SL way.
  6. A few questions spring to mind. The club would be placed into The third division whose central funding will be virtually zero and let’s say the cost to travel is £20k 1. How can the clubs afford that with the reduced funding or 2. How can the RFL justify taking it from central funds. my preferred solution is a third French club into 2 tens structure
  7. I very much doubt Tabby is Degsy, or at least the Degsy you mean, the real Degsy was in Switzerland with his mates watching United lose last night.
  8. It was wrong to do so if correct, but if true we only had 2 of which one has took the urine all season - we have him ball boying at present - the other looks like he didnt give a hoot after recovering from injury here. Do you still manage our ballboy?
  9. Contracts weren't cancelled as that is something you cant do, you can agree termination though which is what actually happened. It's like changing a coach mid contract, you cant without agreement.
  10. Finishing the salary, the financial stuff; debt. We owed just under 6 million. That’s what’s called a soft debt, because that debt is to the Lenegan family in this particular case. So, it’s not going to get called in like a bank might call it in, we have no bank debt in that respect. That’s the only debt. That will go up to just over eight and a half million in the next period, including the debt that we’re paying off to Sport England that we’ve had to guarantee. So that’s the reality of it. That’s not a threat to Wigan, provided we get back to decent attendances, we’ve got to get back to decent attendances. All you had to do was go down a bit further, when can I collect my cigar
  11. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.co.uk%2Fsounds%2Fplay%2Fp09t7xzn%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR00ux4GIeE6ujwFPOqCuprPFT9xarTwaWagW-e_PfFF__-opApjtU15H_w&h=AT2dHFvii_R-8pduNQgdt7ihBSZOgSNc_nvAl3c6XA50_2N3yE8UMtLFfRSh4KNOpbVoLoGzQZ9L9KIvEAUPt6YLx8wrpR_QZoQTSMGXdvrGdr6O7n7Rh47_qLCtkoW08GVhYYf0Ut2VDNVk3ekB&__tn__=R]-R&c[0]=AT2huyKNHK820C24Si_mkhvHVx-QjuTfJP2oOhZFNoHnIhPAq4bqSx3F5il4W4TL_2eijP7b6YrPQ3GG9gfEBSlwfzX8-SxDzXFBV8uiIFqpVBsk6V4kiBS5f6QeSn11PWrG9rINm5mT33SV0eYX1iPhLMcrLz_vEbtgq5ICiG4_79lnsam_wt3r_3LICaBkVmcUV-cwVcOJ Some more Derek comments/opinions for you starts about 5 mins
  12. Having been in attendance Wakey had a chance to roll at 10-0 but didn't, Leigh threw the ball about second half and got about even ball all game unlike most, it did mean more to Leigh today being at home. We are 6 players off being truly competitive in SL
  13. See the ref changed the course of a game with a shocking call again, and he had the option of the screen for the knock on. Much better spectacle, but close games with points always are, and we didnt have any massive possession periods for either team which also helps.
  14. It’s little wonder Sky are dropping the cash, we will be lucky to have a tv deal soon if that’s how the games premium fixtures are played out
  15. Shocking atmosphere, is it being played in a morgue? Have Leeds taken any fans
  16. Leeds are a poor championship side at best, the comp only has 2 decent sides
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