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  1. More than those two have offered Rimmer must now go - gets a worthless loan and is hailed a hero and now says no appetite to play and constructs a comp over a period that the ambitious clubs could have played for promotion in Figures of a salary circa 250k have been banded about for him - no value in that going forward
  2. The bit about 'no information on the 125th anniversary cup' had me in stitches - dead proud of the RFL leaders I am. The reality is ST holders can ask for 70-80% of the ST price back if they wish. I believe we sold £400k worth so £300k could be asked for Sponsorships could also be requested back. I believe £300k is about the figure so £225k could be asked for How do you survive that?
  3. The sport spends far too much time listening to committee men from pubs, who like the sound of their own voices but whose ambition stops at pork scratchings with the 1/2 of mild but only if someone else pays
  4. Reopens June 21, connecting to Liverpool/Manchester line 8 carriage trains
  5. So a 5 year plan that says get to SL, pay full cap to stay in SL, create cat1 academy and be the best you can be whilst working within cap constraints is unambitious ? The only way the big clubs domination can be broken is getting rid of the cap, which I agree with btw
  6. but its true, the thought of Batley in the CC cup in March must be hugely appealing to Catalans.
  7. It isn't but to be able to compete would need a run in SL to attract players who would not want a premium and develop our own - and thus stay within a cap. I am sure, mi owd mucker, that you can understand that logic - the salary cap is bad for the clubs not winning pots. Look at most sports the top 4/5 tend to win the pots, the same 6/7 fight to avoid relegation and the rest just enjoy the ride and taking the odd scalp.
  8. Without furlough, how would the smaller clubs have voted?
  9. This is a typical little man understanding - when tax is lower for the top earners more is collected so do you base tax on higher rates lower cash collected, or encourage the generation of the cash by aiding those capable to do so. We have too many clubs with ageing fan bases having a vote about the future of ambitious clubs with far greater fan bases, maybe its time for a third voting level ie SL, FT non SL and pub teams
  10. They shouldn't just drift out of existence but find a level of peers, the Batleys etc need to be with the bigger amateur clubs in a play and pay league in Winter. They will attract bigger gates, more sponsors and the better ones might decide to have a pop at FT RL some day
  11. I hope my club doesnt bother, plus most players have holidays booked for this time
  12. Dexy has been amazingly loyal, thanks for the recognition.
  13. Good owd RFL release WC fixtures early at last and announce the TW debacle with the ending of the C&C1 seasons the same day
  14. Leigh have 20+ FT players, the fringe are PT and as yet haven't been needed. I understand Fev train with Leeds then get topped up with PT players
  15. Leigh, Fev, TO, Widnes and London are also FT. If folk cannot see that it is these REAL teams who need helping, then I despair. As I understand it at these clubs, players were being paid in full, tens of thousands per month above furlough. The clubs and its players were desperate to play - at best now it will be furlough money only, does that break a contract? Who pays the October and November wage bills ? The advice to these clubs must be to enter administration and protect yourselves from debt?? Surely by doing so they cannot have a points deduction and be relegated??? All logic says as a sport we must now see we have a middle trench of clubs, the above but also Wakey, Salford, Cas, HKR, Huddersfield who are no or little better than those unfortunate to be in the Pub leagues. We must expand SL, my preference is 2 x10 and has been for 8 years. You look after the real clubs outside SL and allow cashed up expansion entry without losing millions playing pub teams We must also keep TW in SL if Argylle wants to stay
  16. Has anyone asked how you play an Autumn comp when contracts and Insurance end after October/November. I feel sorry for clubs/players who have topped up furlough in order to play again as those players wont be topped up again after this.
  17. I hope the RFL/SL take this opportunity to bring about the 2 x 10 thats needed to meet domestic player needs and facilitate the expansion opportunities. TW cannot be lost, neither can Ottawa or New York - if funded. They must be the backbone of a future N American comp TO and Avignon need nurturing as the catalyst for a FT French comp. The sport is at a cross roads - the next move is crucial. PS I do normally take the urine but our sport must choose wisely
  18. It was done on a points scoring system based on crowds, 5 year playing records, facilities and reliance on DR, and a £1m bond. I believe if Bradford hadn't been so unwilling to restart the season then they may have got it.
  19. Leigh have been offered the TW spot this season, the Championship will not continue and SL will be 13 clubs in 2021. Feel sorry for Fev and would offer them the 14th spot in 2021 personally
  20. If you can only survive with hand outs are you really a pro RL club? If I was a SL club owner in these harsh times I would be asking what have the Champ/C1 clubs done to deserve what they have got in 2020 - no game or training costs and staff furloughed, must have overflowing bank balances they can use for 2021
  21. They didn't allow anything. Derek was quite open that the players had let the club down badly and he was unwilling to bankroll their wages for another season. A big chunk found clubs quickly like Matautia, Hansen and Thompson, some took a wage cut immediately and a few hung out for a while before reaching agreement if reluctantly. If Leigh had entered administration then points reduction seems to be the punishment handed out by the RFL, which would have made no difference to that season.
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